Kourtney Kardashian Surprises Scott Disick At Work In Las Vegas – What Did She Discover?

Kourtney Kardashian Surprises Scott Disick At Work In Las Vegas - What Did She Discover?

Kourtney Kardashian is by far the hottest Kardashian. She’s mature, down to earth, and one hot mom. Add in a pinch of Scott Disick, and you even get a small glimpse of her being normal. The relationship isn’t forced, like Kim’s relationship is with bipolar Kanye West. As much as the couple fights, they have beautiful kids and a spicy connection. Kourtney accepts Scott’s drunken whorish ways, and he accepts Mason referring to the camera crew as ‘Uncles’. The cameras are like Mason’s pets,they’ve been there his entire life. You can guarantee there’s a ongoing working relationship.

Scott was spotted in Las Vegas hosting the Sapphire Pool and Day Club with some friends. The metrosexual reality star gets paid top dollar to pop bottles, freak models, and have a blast for a living. Does he refer to himself as a Kardashian when he makes reservations and bookings? Who cares! MILF and Dash left the babies and grandma ways in Los Angeles, and finally supported her baby’s daddy with a surprise visit. Of course, she was trying to bust him getting groupie love. Kourtney is so much fun when she’s drunk. She needs a break from late night breastfeeding. Move over Penelope, let Daddy Disick get some feeding too.

If Kourtney doesn’t marry Scott soon, some bimbo with her exact same physique and killer looks will replace her like George Clooney did Stacy Keibler. Did everyone forget that Kim Kardashian’s ex, Reggie Bush, is in a relationship with a fake version of her? Kim’s evil twin had a baby by the NFL star, and is looking to marry Bush in the near future. Kourtney should spend more time with her man, so he appears less available. Kourtney is a great mother and sister, but it’s not about that. She should get pregnant again, or start hosting parties with Scott because she’s boring. The fans want sex, marriage, scandal, divorce, and surgery. Just do something to keep us interested. #Bible

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  • drdebo cherry

    just like the fako-Clooney-Stacy relationship story- these fictionizers will have to really milk this bad-baby-multidaddy theme with these two- in the comming year (s) to keep brainless ppl watching show- as the north-west story is played out..

  • Starlet 1

    Fryer are these people human any more i don’t think after living in lala land with $$$ all you life reality is far fetch