Kristen Stewart Breaks Down – Destructive Self-Harm As Career Disappears?

Kristen Stewart Breaks Down – Destructive Self-Harm As Career Disappears?

The Academy Awards promise a night of indulgence: we schedule the day (if not the weekend—hors d’oeuvres to cook, after all!) around the event and gorge our eyes on the beauty (surgically modified or natural), the gowns, the jewelry, and the fame. This year was no exception as stars walked the red carpet in Valentino, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein. But one actress made an unwanted impression, and left fans gaping. Kristen Stewart climbed out of her limo with greasy, disheveled hair, crutches, and a dark bruise on her upper arm. The Twilight star, who gained infamy after a nasty affair broke up a family and cost her millions of fans, stuck to her normal beauty routine, but swapped out a grungy white v-neck for a gorgeous, feminine Reem Arca gown. The girl looked like she’d crawled out of a dumpster and into the limo!

Kristen chalked up the crutches to a foot injury, but we’ve gotten no word on the bruise. We’ve wondered if it’s a mark of detestation from Liberty Ross, whose life she helped to tear apart completely. Of course, the chance that the two were together, had a big row, and weren’t caught by paparazzi is slim—we all know how indiscreet Kristen is when it comes to secret meetings!

Now, a much darker question comes to mind: is Kristen self-harming? We’ve been watching her life fall apart for months: boyfriend Robert Pattinson dumped her after the affair, and many expect he only took her back for Twilight promotional reasons. He’s been unavailable to her while filming in Australia, and insiders claim he is just waiting for the right moment to end things permanently. She’s just won a Razzie for worst actress, all the while watching Jennifer Lawrence bask in Oscar glow. We know Kristen thinks JLaw stole her career. Is the stress of her love life and failing career pushing Kristen into unhealthy habits? Where do you think the bruise came from?

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  1. My heart goes out to her there is something about that i like but I can’t put my finger on it.