Kristen Stewart Tired Of Feeling Ignored, Planning To Dump Neglectful Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Tired Of Feeling Ignored, Planning To Dump Neglectful Robert Pattinson 0206

Is this a case of I better break up with you soon because I have a feeling you’re going to dump me any minute because I thought Robert Pattinson was the one who was itching for the single life? Or maybe the tabloids just needed to sell a story that was much more believable. Kristen Stewart may have trampired the hell out of her sparkly boyfriend but, for some reason, it’s just way more probable for her to cut him loose in the end.

Oh, but let’s not judge yet. Let’s listen to what those ever-trusty “sources” have to say. According to Radar Kristen is feeling uber sensitive because Rob’s all the way in Australia having a good time (and working) without her. She just has a feeling it’s over because she finally understands that Rob can’t get past the cheating (funny how Liberty Ross just has that epiphany moment as well!). And in Rob’s case, absence is not making the heart grow fonder. It appears that being thousands of miles away surrounded by gorgeous women who were practically born into bikinis isn’t making him miss Kristen’s sourpuss attitude at all. How could you be so neglectful, Rob!

The source relays that Kristen is planning out the split as we speak while Robert Pattinson’s Rover responsibilities keep him out of the country. Dun, Dun Dunnnnn!

Like I’ve said before, I’ll believe a Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart break up when I see it. I can’t help but think the tabloids are making all this up because this couple has gotten more boring than Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.   Maybe Kristen should walk out of the house in some ass cheek shorts to liven things up a bit. It works for Miley!

Sooner or later though we have to be OK with these two going their separate ways, right? They’re so young. You can’t expect them to keep those Twilight fires burning forever. I know. I know. It’s going to be tough. I still can’t watch Cruel Intentions or The Notebook without feeling a little bitter but we’ll get through it together. I just know it!

Will Kristen Stewart dump Rob in the end or will Rob grow a pair and finally take that upper hand? Or are you one of the faithful that still believe in Robsten 4-Eva despite all the recent tabloid stories?