Kristen Stewart Hooks Up With Rupert Sanders AGAIN – Shameless Public Cheating!! (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart Hooks Up With Rupert Sanders AGAIN – Shameless Public Cheating!! (PHOTO)

Is everyone sick to death of the on-going stupidity and drama that surrounds Kristen Stewart? I mean, she and Robert Pattinson have been on/off since she was busted cheating in broad daylight with the then married Rupert Sanders. Last weekend Rob headed to NYC for a planned jaunt and Kristen headed out to dinner with her girlfriends at Malo Taqueria in Silver Lake. Who just so happened to be waiting outside for Kristen? Why Rupert, of course!

Not only was he there, but she had no problem getting into his car either! Photographs popped up and the guy is a dead ringer for Rupert and the car is identical to his as well and guess what? No one seems to care very much! There was a bit of downplaying and denying that it was Rupert. Kristen’s friends claim it was the valet, but c’mon now. How stupid are we? Regardless of her relationship with Rob, Kristen still has some unfinished business with Rupert. If he shows up, they are going to talk.

Given the opportunity, Kristen will cheat again. It’s in her blood. Loyalty isn’t her thing and wow, the minute Rob left town- there she was! Did she leave with Rupert? No one seems to know, but one thing is for sure, she had no problem going near him. If she was concerned about her relationship with Rob she would avoid Rupert at all costs! The fact that she even got in that car and risked people seeing or photographing her seems to indicate to me that whatever they shared is most definitely not over with yet!

Did Rob rush back from NYC when he heard about his supposed girlfriend mingling with her former lover? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • wouldn’t be surprised if this in fact is true. Kristen and Rob’s contract is up this summer.

  • Jocelyn

    Ugh – wish she would go hide under a very large rock

  • it’s the same picture from before, quit trying to start things, leave them alone

  • once a hoe always a hoe:)