Kristen Stewart Voted Least Sexy Actress In Hollywood, Harsh Or Right On?

Kristen Stewart Voted Least Sexy Actress In Hollywood, Harsh Or Right On? 0220

It seems men still can’t seem to look at Kristen Stewart without seeing Rupert Sanders’ nasty frame cuddling up behind her. Yuck. Why did I remind myself of that pic? Why Kristen?! Why?! Anyway, in the annual MenKind Poll to crown the least sexy actress, Kristen Stewart came out on top. And yes, before you get into it, I understand that this whole thing is sexist. However, it’s always somewhat interesting to find what men think is hot or not so let’s go with it. According to the poll’s spokesperson, moody, super skinny chicks who come across as “ice queens” are not in this year. And, unfortunately for Kristen, that sort of nails her public persona. But you know it’s more than that and here’s where I’ll use the sexist card. Kristen got caught cheating with a gross looking dude making her and her actions gross by association. Would we be saying the same thing if she was caught in that Mini Cooper with Colin Farrell or Leonardo DiCaprio? I don’t think so. Meanwhile Leo can bang anyone, anywhere and still be Jack Dawson forever in our hearts.

So who did Kristen beat out for this dubious honor? Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst all rounded out the top five. Nothing too surprising there. SJP usually makes these lists. Men seem to have a problem with her veiny arms. I’m not happy about my Kristen Dunst making it though. She’s got a great rack! Guys are so dumb sometimes.

So do you think Kristen will cry in her pillow or stalk call Robert Pattinson all night over the news? I doubt it. Hopefully she laughs over the whole thing. A girl whose favorite ensemble includes skinny jeans, baseball caps and white T-shirts isn’t exactly courting Maxim covers. If anything I’d just be pissed that I was on the same list as Lindsay Lohan.



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  1. Karen Bolick says:

    100% correct…but that could be because she only has ONE expression and a very bad stylist