Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Breakup Negotiated By Jodie Foster

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Breakup Negotiated By Jodie Foster

Since playing her daughter in 2001, Kristen Stewart has become a part-time daughter to Jodie Foster. The older actress, who just (kind of) officially came out as lesbian, is a well of wisdom to the cheating Twilight actress, who ruined relationship with Robert Pattinson by having a torrid affair with her director. Now, Robert is down under in Australia, filming, and Kristen is terrified the distance will ruin them. Her instincts tell her to chase him, but Jodie has different advice for her!

Jodie is steering her in the right direction,” a source reported to National Enquirer, print edition February 11, 2013. “She’s been advising Kristen to give Rob space and not smother him.” We can see how Kristen would get confused about how to carry on a healthy relationship, especially since she’s spent most of her life playing a clingy girlfriend with no personality or life outside her vampire boyfriend! Adapting to real life must be difficult!

Kristen has been leaning on Jodie for support ever since the cheating episode last summer,” the source continued. “She pumped Jodie for advice on how to win Rob back, and she’s been crying to her about all the problems they’ve been having.” Jodie may support Kristen, but that’s not to say she thinks Rob is right for her! In fact, Jodie’s best advice to Kristen is pretty anti-Rob!

Jodie keeps reminding Kristen that she’s young and has plenty of time to settle into a grown-up, stable relationship.” I take that to mean that Jodie is trying to remind Kristen not to go crazy—she is only 22 years old! Rob is the equivalent of her high school boyfriend, and she needs to grow into herself before she can add a boyfriend or husband! I think it’s time for Rob and Kristen to split—for good—and move past their little vampire romance. They never look happy together, and Kristen has a lot of growing up to do! Do you like them as a couple?

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  • THey seem so juvenile, especially her. I can imagine her doodling his name in colored pencil, all over her ring binder. Ha! We all go thru that, but thankfully it’s usually private. Jodi seems like her heart is in the right place, and she may be able to teach her some acting skills.