Kristen Stewart Demands Robert Pattinson Declare His Love Publicly Or She’s Getting A New Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart Demands Robert Pattinson Declare His Love Publicly Or She's Getting A New Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Well, we have Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hooking up again. For those Twi-hards who still want their Edward and Bella together, rejoice. Everyone else, yeah we don’t get it either. Apparently, years of dating has left lingering feelings on both sides, because it really does seem like neither one of them can stay away for long.

I mean, Rob tried. The poor guy, he really, really tried. He supposedly hooked up with many different people, and he was even dating Dylan Penn for a while there. But alas, lingering feelings are lingering feelings. However, Rob is still wary of taking the relationship public, and Kristen knows that. She knows that he’s afraid of committing again, and who can blame him? She broke his heart and humiliated him by cheating on him, and it would take a  lot on his part to try ‘dating’ her again.

However, according to sources, Kristen’s not sure if she can last much longer in their weird limbo. Right now, they’re hooking up and staying friends – but not much else. Can they stay friends with benefits, or will it eventually take a toll on their friendship, considering their history together? Apparently, Kristen’s not willing to take the risk; sources add that she’s given Rob an ultimatum: either publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend, or she’ll find another boyfriend who’s willing to. Yeah, it’s odd that she’s the one giving ultimatums, so I’m not sure how accurate that is. But if it is, will Rob bite?

What do you guys think? Will Rob and Kristen ‘officially’ start dating again? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments.

Kristen blows off Rob for the Thanksgiving holiday – hangs with family and friends

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  • These two are meant to be together forever.

  • Dawn

    If this article is even remotely true, what right does she
    have to tell Rob what to do. If she really cared for him
    there would be no ultimatums .

  • allie

    If this is true, Robert needs to run… and run it fast.

    • mary-gladys martin kent

      wouldn’t he have to be her BF in order for her to threaten to get a “new BF”?.yes.j

  • MakeHerUp

    Ultimatums always a great way to start a healthy relationship. :/

    • aann80

      is that a joke??

      • MakeHerUp

        Uh yeah. Lol

  • HollywoodHiccups

    She should be so lucky. I cannot believe he would be dumb enough to hook up with her again!

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  • j

    for it’s time to fine another guy for kristen..go kris fine another man,you are a nice woman,lovely and pretty …forget MR.RP

  • tia maria

    this article is a load of BS, Kristen is living her life. Neither Rob or Kristen acknowledged their relationship when they were together. Whether they are still friends or not, nobody knows. The media needs to move on and let them live their lives in peace.

  • thebutcher

    Time to learn English

  • thebutcher

    Go away you religious nut job

  • truth time

    well she made it known she wasn’t with him at thanksgiving, wanted all to know she was no wifey
    cooking over a hot stove that day lol. good for her
    for putting her foot down. enough is enough.

  • Key

    This is all getting very boring and has been dragging out for way too long, but I guess the twi-hards provide hits. I think the likeliest scenario is that they are friends or friendly, and that they possibly were never a “real” couple (or at least a serious monogamous couple) the entire time Twilight was going on. My guess is he is banging every chick in town since he’s single, and that she is probably not dating much.

    And for the people going on about her being a lesbian… two of my friends spent Thanksgiving with my family because they are originally from the East Coast (and one of them is gay). I don’t get how that “means” something if she had a friend with her. She very well may be bi-sexual, but just because she has close lesbian friends doesn’t mean she’s gay or bi-sexual…And she dresses like a typical Silverlake hipster. She’s hooked up with three men, so I find this “she’s gay” talk kind of ridiculous….Like, she may be bi but she’s clearly not a lez. And she kind of strikes me as the person who would come out if she was, just for “hipster” points or whatever.

  • Key

    RME. She very well may be bi, but that’s ridiculous to say if a friend was at her Thanksgiving that it is a sign they are dating. I have a close friend who is a lesbian and we spend a ton of time together, but I’m as straight as an arrow. It’s kind of homophobic to say gay friends mean someone is gay. And why do you even know the chick’s full name, that’s disturbing.

  • jenna

    Are you stupid? Rob’s family have been nothing but classy, they didn’t say a bad word about her. And so was his friends. Don’t know about his fans, they can be nasty, but her fans can be as hateful.

  • carol patterson

    She has a nerve demandin anything from robert, why dont she go ahead and get a sex change and leave rob alone, she really thinks shes augh dude she even talks like a guy yikes” she crazy ” run rob please just run, and run fast.!!!

  • ohplz

    Of course there are… James Franco would date her in a hot NY minute – he may not be your idea of perfection but he’s very hot in HW right now. She made a stupid mistake as a kid and apologized for it. Quit taking pot shots and move on – your jealousy is showing.

    • thebutcher

      Being over 20+ makes you not a kid. Apologizing for being a cheating whore doesn’t make it all better either. No guy in their right mind would ever look at her fugly ass. Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater. Plus, we don’t like chicks who have no clue what a shower is

  • aann80

    RUN and RUN fast! WTH! first of all if she has not been that stupid they would still be together. For F loud, she cheated on him and he was head over heels over this idiot, immature and with a lot of issues. Really? she has the nerves to demand this from him, well if it’s true. No way, you know he is an idiot. That is what I think. Just a joke. She did it once, she will do it again.

  • aann80

    oh please Hilary, you are the same ignorant as her. Why she had to cheat on him? the idiot was all over her and to even marry. Give me a break!

  • thebutcher

    It’s more like does she ever wash her hair. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve ever seen her clean