Kristen Stewart Freaks Out About Robert Pattinson’s New Girlfriend

Kristen Stewart Freaks Out About Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend

So it seems Robert Pattinson has a new girlfriend. He’s been spotted kissing and cuddling a brunette at parties, and many sources close to him have confirmed that he is in the early stages of seeing someone.

Considering that Rob was the one who decided to call things off with Kristen Stewart this time around, I wonder how she feels about this. We know she’s filming Sils Maria, but this type of news travels far and fast, and who among us hasn’t kept tabs on their ex?

Kristen Stewart Freaks Out About Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend

For what it’s worth, we’re hearing that Kristen has been trying her best not to mention Rob or think about Rob at all, but it’s not been easy for her. She’s kept herself busy with work, but she’s clearly not able to move from him as fast as he was able to move on from her. Obviously, a part of that has to do with the fact that she was still willing to work on their relationship, but Rob ended up pulling the plug. And who can blame him? She’s the one who cheated on him, and she’s the one who humiliated him in front of the whole country. The real surprise if the fact that he stayed with her for so long.

Regardless, he’s now free from the shackles of a long-term relationship, and he’s a young Hollywood star that’s single and having fun. There’s no way Kristen doesn’t know about his new relationship, and she’s probably feeling the sting of Rob moving on so quickly, and with someone who looks like her, no less. First, Riley Keough, who could have practically been Kristen’s twin. And now, an equally tall and skinny brunette who also bears a passing resemblance to Kristen. Looks like Rob’s not as over Kristen as one  might think.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • msgoth

    This article is such a crock.

  • ellenj49

    Why the ugly pic of Kristen? The trainers name is Sydney Liebes. Google her and has said I am not 100% dating Robert Pattinson. She’s in a very serious relationship and is crazy about her guy! So stop lying about them. No one knows anything. A lot of the tweets are lies by idiots who want to stir up trouble. Wait until he’s out with someone and they get real pics. As of now there is none showing him on a date. Whys that? He’s followed 24/7. Leave the guy alone. And as for Kristen, she has moved on so why don’t you. One thing for sure any girl who dates Rob, will get the rath of the batshit crazy Rob fans because they can’t stand it that he is moving on. They don’t want him with anyone hoping they get a chance. Mentally worrisome.

  • ellenj49

    Where’s my comment?

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