Kylie Jenner Accused of Being A Serial Dater (Video – Photos)

Kylie Jenner Accused of Being A Serial Dater (Video - Photos)

Let’s start by saying Anthony, we are really tired of your sexting dependence. Get your happy Weiner out of town please? Anthony Weiner’s wife needs a therapist, and a make over! Speaking of wieners, Kylie Jenner renewed her struggle to stardom by being spotted on yet ANOTHER date. Sure, there’s no sin in the young starlet’s dating habits, but isn’t she with Jaden Smith? She was spotted hanging out with some random mystery hip hop impersonator remaining true to her hairy Kardashian roots.

Flaunting a humongous appetite for the limelight that her big sister (no weight reference here), Kim Kardashian hustled so hard for, she donned some cat cutting blue jean daisy dukes, a skimpy tank top, and an expensive handbag (we’d never be able to afford) on her latest date. Some even suggest Kylie Jenner is a serial dater.

The good folks at MediaTakeOut claim:

NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!! Kim Kardashian’s YOUNGEST SISTER . .. Is Spotted Out With Her FOURTH Dude . . . In Just TWO WEEKS!!!

Kylie is young and just experimenting with dating . . . and she’s definitely got those KARDASHIAN TENDENCIES!!!

Her most recent date was with a dreadlock head non-factor. Before that, she was photographed hanging out with Will Smith wanna-be, and rumored boyfriend, Jaden Smith. Her high school lover left it wet for Jaden I’m sure, because Julian Brooks was spotted with Kylie Jenner just days before Jaden’s date with the reality star. What about her rendezvous with Lil Twist, Beiber’s ‘booty buddy’, best friend, and weed twister? Ewww.

Since Kate Middleton refused a post birth wheel chair and house shoes, I guess Kylie is refusing to settle down or be out-shined. She has Kris Jenner’s lady tigress demeanor, just like Kim. Don’t go Helen Keller trying to ‘Keep Up’ with these shine hunting swindlers. We’re in danger. Carlos Danger. The Kardashians are on fire, and we’re all burning in hell.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  • Angel 2009

    The Jenner jailbait is just following the K Trash handbook of fame whoring at PMK’s directives.

    • Victoria McGuire

      And dating all darker skinned boys. Hmmm.

  • drdebo cherry

    What could she possibly think she could achieve any stardom in? She has no education,no talent, no plans for an education and career- is she daff?

  • allie

    She’s a teenager. She doesn’t need a serious relationship.