Photo of Kylie Jenner Bikini Pic With Lots Of Side Boob – The Next Kim Kardashian?

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There must be an agreement that Kris Jenner makes her female children sign at birth. You must agree to use “all the tools in your toolbox”- meaning be willing to sell sex and/or your body shortly after you hit puberty for fame and money! Fifteen year old Kylie Jenner has released more questionable bikini clad photos on twitter, along with a public service announcement about how to deal with cyberbullies and haters – just ignore them and live your life. She also shared that she’s changing. She’s not the same person she was at 10 years old. Such wisdom from a 15 year old, who looks like she’s already gotten her sweet sixteen birthday present – a boob job! That girl looks like she’s 25!

Kylie seems hellbent on following in her big sister Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and using her body and ditzy quotes for fame. This isn’t the first time Kylie’s teased the public with raunchy pictures. She’s always posting pictures of herself scantily clad and in wildly inappropriate outfits for a 15 year old to take and post. Her most recent scandal-hanging out with boyfriend Jaden Smith’s good friend, Lil Twist, sparking rumors of a breakup with Jaden.

Kris teaches them the fame/PR game early, doesn’t she? I think Kylie could be angling to take Kim’s Famewhore crown, while she’s recovering from baby North Wests’s birth. Kris is always three steps ahead, looking for the next kid to pimp.

If Kanye West keeps her from using North as the next moneymaker for the Kardashians, she could be looking closer to home. If you can’t use your grandkid to make money, use your own kid! There’s no guarantee that Kim will get her pre-baby body back—even with the help of plastic surgery and airbrushing! Babies change a woman’s body. Not only has her body changed, but also her image. Will the public still pay top dollar to see her at a club? Might they wonder why she’s not at home with her baby and the nannies? Plus, chasing Kanye around the world is a full time job! Kris sees the writing on the wall. Is She grooming her next big money maker-Kylie, to take Kim’s place? If I were Bruce Jenner, I’d hold on to Kendall for dear life. She seems to be the only one not willing to sell her soul or body for fame. LOL!

Photo Credit: Twitter