Lady Gaga Suicide Warning: Instagram Accuses Her of Being Suicidal – Social Media Gone Too Far

Lady Gaga Suicide Warning: Instagram Accuses Her of Being Suicidal - Social Media Gone Too Far

I’ve always known Lady Gaga could be dramatic but has she finally pushed her shtick too far? She might have when she started posting the oddest sayings up on her Instagram account. No not odd as it could misconstrued for artistic. Frickin crazy as in the people behind Instagram actually got worried about Gaga’s safety and sanity.

What was the big fuss? Her song lyrics actually. She had written some dark stuff from her newest song coming out soon. She was probably testing the waters and see how much her fans liked it when Instagram got concerned. Although she admitted it was lyrics they were worried enough to contact her just to see if she was ok.

“Members of the Instagram community have raised concerns for your well-being after seeing posts you’ve shared. We’re reaching out to provide you with some important safety information.”

On one hand I feel bad for Gaga that someone couldn’t read the fine print that clearly stated “lyrics” but on the other hand a part of me is glad that Instagram reaches out to people they think are at risk. To be honest a lot of people send out warning signs all across social media and yet no one helps these people in need. How many times are we going to hear a kid posted his suicidal thoughts up on Facebook. They either get taunted or ignored. Instagram may have been intrusive but their heart was in the right place.

Lady Gaga even found laughter in the situation. And why should’nt she? After all of the stuff she publishes and it’s this that made people nervous. Seriously? Not the constant falling down or her “birth” onstage during SNL. Wow I guess the only cry for help people will acknowledge is if it’s in print. No wonder so many stars stick short phrases or hashtags on twitter!

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