Lamar Odom Checks OUT of Rehab

Lamar Odom Checks OUT of Rehab

Okay. Keeping up with Lamar Odom is seriously turning into a full time job for the media. Is he in rehab or smoked up in a seedy hotel room with 17 people that he knows only on a first name basis? Well, as of right now Khloe Kardashian’s husband is confirmed to be OUT of rehab less than 48 hours after he was confirmed to have checked himself in. E! Has been able to do what the entire Kardashian family can not – get the real info on Lamar’s situation.

So, if he checked out of rehab after mere hours that leads me to believe that maybe the LA Clipper is still not quite ready for help. Rehab is a really lousy place to be if getting clean isn’t what you really want. Sources close to Lamar have stated that he simply loves his cocaine and isn’t too interested in stopping from freebasing it on a daily basis.

This short lived rehab trip was all about saving his career. After being popped for a DUI last week his agent wanted him to get clean in a facility. Taking that step would make him look a whole lot better in front of the judge once his case is heard. It was made clear that the rehab jaunt was about legalities and not his marriage. Nothing screams divorce quite like a man making it clear that he’s not getting clean to save his marriage!

Not that it matters much anyway because my guess is that Lamar probably is back to whatever vice sent his life spiraling out of control in the first place! Do you think Lamar is ready to keep it together or did he ditch rehab because he hasn’t hit bottom yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet