LeAnn Rimes Going Back To Rehab, Acting Unstable Over Brandi Glanville Feud – Report

LeAnn Rimes Going Back To Rehab, Acting Unstable Over Brandi Glanville Feud - Report 0308

This was a no brainer, right? Who didn’t see this coming? I know it’s just tabloid wishful thinking at present but the woman did check herself into rehab for social media stress. I doubt she has the coping mechanisms to deal with a book that trashes her homewrecking past. All people should be dubbed sane until proven insane but still… this is LeAnn Rimes.

Star magazine has a delightfully obvious story out this week about LeAnn Rimes’ rehab reunion. It turns out she’s displaying some questionable and unstable behavior (via twitter again, naturally) and might be forced to check herself back in for help. I guess someone shit on her on twitter about her love for pole dancing. No, really, I’m not making this up. Well, pole dancing is Brandi Glanville’s thing and LeAnn got slammed again for being a copycat. But she didn’t take the criticism well and lashed back which is a no no in her post-rehab recovery world. That, along with the stress of Brandi’s book (and possible movie deal), has LeAnn’s friends worried about her.

“LeAnn was supposed to not tweet any negative stuff or engage with people who don’t like her,” a source said. “But she’s not sticking to that anymore. She is tweeting at people who aren’t fans and saying a lot of angry stuff about Brandi again. She can’t help herself! She’s acting more and more unstable… her people are trying to rein her in again, but this is only going to get worse when people start reading the book. LeAnn might end up in rehab again!”

Biotch needs to get off twitter. She obviously can’t handle it. And I feel for her with the book. I really do. Having your dirty laundry aired out like that really is a raw deal. But why can’t she just learn a lesson from all this and move on? Next time she knows not to cheat with a psychotic and shameless woman’s husband. See? There’s always a bright side!

Could the Brandi Glanville feud really force LeAnn back into rehab? Should Brandi feel responsible or was it just a matter of time anyway?


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16 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Going Back To Rehab, Acting Unstable Over Brandi Glanville Feud – Report”

  1. Colette says:

    The more I see of LeAnn Rimes, the more I think that she is a person with zero self awareness. Her “fans” seem as off as she does and they feed her delusion that she’s still relevant for her music and not only in the spotlight because of her mess of a personal life. LeAnn seems to think that she’s just one staged photo op away from the public embracing her and her new husband as the love story of the century,. She tweets ridiculous quotes constantly and gushes about how happy she is but then outs herself as a liar two minutes later. It’s bizarre and really unsettling to see someone becoming unhinged on such a public forum. I guess that fact that her entire family, including in-laws and “friends”, are on her payroll isn’t helping matters. Instead of intervening and getting her real help, they are all more concerned with keeping in her good graces, to keep the money flowing towards them. How sad is that? If she didn’t seem like such an immature, narcissistic person, I’d feel really sorry for her.

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  3. the ugly truth says:

    No big surprise here. I hope Ediot is watching her around the kids. She is a hot mess.

  4. Naunceling says:

    There is no such entity as outpatient three day rehab for Twitter addiction. If there were I’m quite positive they would have stopped her from tweeting during the alleged THREE DAY rehab.


    • BeachBelle says:

      No joke. That 30 day rehab story a few months back was nothing but BS, and everyone knows it. You are not in rehab if you are home tweeting away and out doing concerts. This woman is beyond delusional, and obviously she thinks everyone else is, too.

  5. Bryan says:

    throw her in the snake pit, leave here there

  6. ARealHousewifeInOC says:

    i really hope BRANDI GLANVILLE reads this…..if this story is true, i would be seriously filing an emergency protective order to get my children out of LEANN’S home. this shit is not funny. how many stories do you have to hear about someone doing unthinkable harm to children just to get back at another. in leann’s case she could get back at both eddie and brandi. leann doesnt really care for their boys….she is just using those kids as pawns in her manipulative mind. if/when she has her own kids, she will kick those boys aside. as it is, brandi’s oldest is already sensing it and isnt really buying leann’s bullshit. kids are very smart….and if eddie ever discredits any opinion his boys confide in him about leann, he’s a bigger asshole than he’s already made himself out to be.

    i fully understand and pray for brandi. this situation is nothing to take lightly. i’m sure brandi’s panic attacks are in overdrive because of that crazy bitch.

    brandi dear, never ignore the unthinkable.

  7. ARealHousewifeInOC says:

    ….and to the moderator, you would be doing a disservice by not allowing my comment thru…

  8. deb wilkin says:

    i love LeAnn- she is such an amazing talent- too bad she doesn’t have a hisband, family or management team that can take care of her- lots of true artists are unstable- the genius-insanity fine line- so, who cares- i just care that she’s just left hanging out self destructing. ps. if it wasn’t her husband’s ex- from whom he was seperated when he started his relationship with his current wife- it would be something else.

  9. keinname says:

    All speculation just to stir it. I thought “Stars” had handlers that kept a lid on their public persona, so they don’t make fools of themselves. Her biggest issue is her immaturity. She comes across like an extremely insecure individual. Not to mention that her Prince Charming probably has revealed his true persona by now. Guys like him don’t change. A “happy” women doesn’t discuss suicide or her supposed rehab with the entire world so she can garner sympathy. Her’s is not a story of star crossed lovers, which is a myth she works hard to promote. There is absolutely no misunderstanding as to what she is. It’s become nothing more than a boring story,which is constantly regurgitated.

  10. tym2go says:

    She’s a psycho mess that’s for sure…

  11. Randi says:

    I wish retards like you would stop calling people psychotic UNLESS YOU”RE A RUCKING DOCTOR. It’s a complex medical diagnosis, but tard isn’t. Hi Tard.

  12. Randi says:

    might as well leave this one (and don’t think I’m a brandi lover…can’t stand her, I’m just tired of tards like you acting tardish). You’re a tard cunt.

  13. Jessie Ong says:

    oh if that is true then eddie should be alerted whenever leeann is with his kids, it is very dangerous for the boys… well, i am not surprise… for me only unstable woman will take the risk of destroying a home…

  14. Camellia says:

    It’s not Brandi’s fault that Leann chose to act in an immoral way & now must cope with people hating her for it.

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