LeAnn Rimes Can’t Stop Talking About Cheating With Eddie Cibrian On Brandi Glanville

LeAnn Rimes Can't Stop Talking About Cheating With Eddie Cibrian On Brandi Glanville

Another day another series of tweets from LeAnn Rimes showing the world what happy looks like.  Apparently happy needs to say it’s happy compulsively, happy lives online, happy likes to argue all day with strangers, and happy cannot let go of the past. 

Just a little over a week ago she tweeted a jab at her ex-husband Dean Sheremet because during an interview he answered questions about LeAnn and her affair with Eddie Cibrian.  Remember this:

LeAnn Rimes Can't Stop Talking About Cheating With Eddie Cibiran on Brandi Glanville

It was a mean spirited tweet and highly hypocritical because she has been talking, tweeting, and singing about the affair since it happened. Seriously she can’t shut up about it. Just this past weekend Ms. Rimes, who is as ignorant as she is immature reminded us of how proud she is of the affair by taking a picture with her legs up in the air on the bed of a truck that said Wreckers. Her failed attempt at a joke was met with much criticism, because quite simply joking about having an affair that hurt people – including two young children is not funny.

LeAnn Rimes Can't Stop Talking About Cheating With Eddie Cibrian On Brandi Glanville

I am a big fan of self-deprecating humor – in fact I use it all the time – but this wasn’t funny AT ALL and anyone with a shred of dignity, self-respect, and respect for others knows this. If LeAnn wanted to joke about the joke she has become she could have made light of the fact that many think she is an alcoholic or tweetoholic, and maybe we would have found it funny. Probably not, but at least we wouldn’t have found it offensive like joking about hurting two young boys, because you weren’t born with a moral compass.

LeAnn has spent the better half of today fighting with people on twitter who have called her out of her classless attempt at humor. Many have pointed out how she needs to start acting like an adult, and realize how her behavior directly affects her stepsons Mason and Jake. She tweeted that Mason and Jake will not ever find her behavior towards their mother offensive and mean because, “they will always know the truth the actual truth about all of it that the world doesn’t.

Yes LeAnn they will know the truth, and I suspect your oldest stepson already does. You slept with their father while he was married to their mother, which broke her heart and theirs, and eventually led to the demise of their family. They have had to deal with a public divorce that you have made sure stays front and center. Instead of shielding them from the media you have used them to get attention for yourself, and to hurt their mother repeatedly. You have publicly harassed their mother on twitter – unprovoked – as recently as last month, and seem to encourage others to bash her on twitter.

So yes, for once you are right, they will know the truth, the actual truth and will resent you for it. You always go on and on about the truth, and yet you refuse to accept reality and are intent to live in a world of delusions based upon your narcissistic few of yourself. Grow up LeAnn you are hurting two innocent boys that didn’t ask for ANY of this. Bonus mom … more like bonus fail.

  • Angel 2009

    LeAnn has a terminal disease – it’s called “diarrhea of the mouth.”

  • drdebo cherry

    CDL- you need to get over it- everyone else has………….except Angel 2009

  • Angel 2009

    @drdebo cherry – Sorry you feel that way but I’ve never done anything unkindly to you to warrant a dig like that.