LeAnn Rimes Ruins Another Soccer Game For Brandi Glanville’s Sons – Her Kids Hate LeAnn and It Shows (PHOTOS)

LeAnn Rimes Ruins Another Soccer Game For Brandi Glanville's Sons - Her Kids Hate LeAnn and It Shows (PHOTOS)

Another Saturday, another soccer game for Mason – son of Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville, and another chance for LeAnn Rimes to prove just how pathetic she really is. LeAnn who is the queen of faking happiness, couldn’t even muster a smile for the paparazzi that she most likely called and begged to follow her. She did find time the time to try and smother Jake – Eddie and Brandi’s youngest son- with a choke hold like hug while likely whispering in his ear “be a good little bonus son and smile for the camera and I shall buy you whatever your little heart desires.

It appears her bribes of money and material only work with Eddie because Jake who always has a smile on for his mom looked sad and irritated. It doesn’t take a body language expert (although I consider myself an unlicensed one if that means anything to anyone), to see that Jake felt uncomfortable with his evil step-mothers public and overbearing display of affection, as he noticeably pulled away from her. That picture didn’t just expose Jake’s distaste for his step-mom, but quite possibly proves that she lied about breaking her hand (or was it her fingers? She keeps changing her mind on what it is she broke) because not only was she without her splint (again) but she was putting a substantial amount of weight on it. I suspect the broken hand/finger is just another one of her fictitious ailments, which means we can add Münchausen syndrome to her possible mental disorders. LeAnn spent the rest of the soccer game comforting herself by stuffing her puffy face.

LeAnn has had a busy week on twitter – because really what else does a washed up singer have to do – sending out passive aggressive tweets aimed at her ex Dean Sheremet, as well as her usual target Brandi. She also took a lot of flak this week for tweeting how cute it was that Jake was singing the song Spitfire which is a hate filled song that is said to be about the little boy’s mother Brandi and includes lyrics like, “Reckon it’s ‘bout time I bury you. Better find some friends to carry you. Oh to know you is to loath you.”


If – and that is a big if – he was singing that song it is probably because she plays in on repeat at home as a form of punishment. No one, especially little boys are rocking out to that song willingly. Fact.

This tweet should not have surprised anyone because it was not the first time that LeAnn tweeted about how much the boys love the songs she wrote about her affair with their father, and about her hatred for their mother. Back when her flop of an album was released she tweeted how they liked to sing Borrowed – which was about “borrowing” their dad Eddie from their mom Brandi. By the way I know that LeAnn never completed school past the 8th grade so the correct definition of words is much too complex for her, but borrowed implies that you asked for and were given permission which is not what happened when she was sleeping with a married man. Bless her poor uneducated heart.

After the soccer game it appears that LeAnn went home to self-medicate with alcohol because soon she was getting into twitter wars like this one:

LeAnn Rimes Ruins Another Soccer Game For Brandi Glanville's Sons - Her Kids Hate LeAnn and It Shows (PHOTOS)

 By the end of the night Ms. Rimes was three sheets to the wind and drunk tweeting again. First she inadvertently tweeted a blank tweet, which was followed by a lame (I know how you love that word LeAnn) drunk selfie that was just …. Sad.


LeAnn was never as successful as the Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift’s of country but there was a time she was liked – or at the least tolerated. But that was then and this is now. With each tweet she reveals her true colors and it ain’t pretty. On twitter there is a whole army – The Smiley Army – whose main goal is to raise money (and awareness) to help Kim and Lexi Smiley the mother and daughter that LeAnn is foolishly suing. In the process they have gathered a whole arsenal of evidence that shows LeAnn for who she really is – a hypocritical, narcissistic, manipulative, vindictive, and jealous washed up singer who thinks nothing of hurting other people and destroying lives. A great way to start redeeming herself in the eyes of the public would be to drop the frivolous lawsuit, and begin respecting Brandi – who is the mother of Jake and Mason for life, unlike LeAnn who is only their step-mother for the duration of her marriage to Eddie. Simply put, get help LeAnn. Seriously get help.

Image Credit: Twitter and FameFlynet

  • EmilyTrainham

    They very first picture really does look so telling

  • Angel 2009

    LeAnn’s world would stop revolving if she weren’t the center of attention for her ridiculous Twitter rants. And step-mommy dearest is doing herself no favors for manipulating Brandi’s boys for photo ops when they clearly are not comfortable with her.

  • Naunceling

    Countdown to mental collapse….right after One n’ Done show airs.

  • FormerlyKnownAsB

    Who’s going to break it to her that she’s been rocking that hideous bun ‘do for way toooooooo long?

    • Mary Andraso

      Here, let me help …Hey, Leann your old lady “bun” is greasy and is not in style! You need to take a bath and wash that head and those dirty feet. I’m sure Brandi is always clean.

  • Molly

    Eddie definitely traded down. He must get a hefty allowance to put up with LeAnn’s crazy.

  • Victoria Prieto

    One the most ruthless and vicious articles I’ve ever read about any given celebrity, and I’m not exactly BG’s #1 fan.

  • MyOpinion

    Because when she was 15, she was living and having an affair with a grown man. 15yr old children playing adult don’t graduate from high school. They balk at parental authority because they think they’re grown, plus, she supported her family so she was in charge. She missed out on an education. She maybe be in her 30’s but emotionally, she is still a child. I base that on her own tweets and nothing else!

    Leann is in desperate need of help. Since you’re her famous day one fan, why don’t you encourage her to seek help?

  • Mary Andraso

    Go to “Just Say Jenn” twitter. She will have a blind item (but you will know who iits about from viewing this article) about the Bogus mother. It will be posted tomorrow, but she does have other blinds on her site about her.

  • Holly

    I know that this is a gossip website, but to me, the person behind the write ups on LeAnn at this website has crossed a line and if LeAnn has not graduated yet, you know that she would most definitely not be alone in that area AND getting a diploma or GED can still be done if she really does not have one yet. There is no time frame on when one or the other can be earned. Fellow country singer Gretchen Wilson is a perfect example of that. (smiles)

    God bless you and her and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)

  • MyOpinion

    Are you really this naive? You really didn’t know that Leann’s bio-mom allowed her to shack up with a man, when she was a child? It’s in court documents, her father countersued her. As a child, she had relationships with more than one man; Andrew Keegan, Bryan White..

    Leann Rimes twitter is available for the public to see. For life! She has issues: Insecurity, craving praise, lying, drunk tweeting selflies, follow her twitter.

    My personal opinion is Munchausen syndrome, hypochondriac, etc. Something’s off there, it’s obvious from her twitter timeline.

  • MyOpinion

    LOL.I would say ‘Keep telling yourself that’ but you really believe it. Leann lived with a man as a teenager. Her bio mom allowed it, yet Leann bought the home so what could bio mom do? She sued her father to get out of her curb recording contract, She told him she would cry in court to get her way with the judge. It didn’t work, her bonus mom played the tape in court and Leann was made to look foolish. Dad countersued, told how bio mom was allowing her to live in sin and she was a child. I know you’re a star worshipper, you told umpteen people that you were going to the funeral of your grandma to garner sympathy. I’m not impressed with celebrity. And I really don’t care that Leann lived with a man when she was a child. If you’re a fan, then be a fan. Tell her she needs some help. Because she does.

  • MyOpinion

    “just because LeAnn’s dad was saying that certain things were going on with her did not mean that they really were”

    ^Your words^

    Also, just because Leann says something, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I was pointing out to you that you are fond of celebrities, remember your ‘big smile’ that leann was following you on twitter? You’re star struck! You believe everything Leann says but then call her father a liar. Leann could be lying as well as her father could. It is leann who did what she could do to win in that courtroom. She threatened her father with crying in court so the judge would side with her, not knowing that her bonus mom was taping her. The judge, presented with the facts, sided AGAINST leann rimes. She lost! None of her lawsuits have been legitimate, she gets mad, throws a fit and sues innocent people: Brandi Glanville’s dentist, her father, a family who adopts special needs children. It’s what she does.

  • MyOpinion

    That’s the problem. Brandi has not been terrible to Leann, Leann has been terrible to Brandi. She has taunted Brandi for years on twitter, after wrecking her marriage. Anything that happened, Leann asked for when she had sex with Brandi’s husband, or showed up at Brandi’s children’s school, or tried to buy the affections of Brandi’s children. But I agree, it’s never OK to let them hear a song where Leann wants to ‘bury you, find some friends to carry you.’ Or whatever that silly song says about Brandi. Not that I believe that, she was totally lying! No 6yr old boy would sing THAT song.

  • Guest

    Did you see the picture Leann tweeted of herself drunk on Saturday night? Eddie’s kids weren’t there, so I guess you also say that Leann is not a decent step mom? Hell has frozen over because I agree with you and you are the most narrow minded, star struck person I’ve ever seen on the internet. You twist anything to make Leann innocent, when she is 100% guilty. It’s fun to play with your simple mind!

  • MyOpinion

    Exactly! And because you DO like her, you will believe only good things about her and make her the victim. She is as guilty about some things as she is innocent on other things. She has played a role in what has happened to her career. It’s wrong that she took all of the blame from the fallout from the affair, Eddie was involved, too. But her actions since the affair have hurt her and a lot of it is her own fault. Not all of it but a lot of it is her own fault.

  • Guest

    But it’s not lies. Leann did have an affair with a married man. The song she said the child was singing was about doing physical harm to their mother. That’s very bad!

  • MyOpinion

    Uh…I just told you that she is guilty of some things and innocent in some of the things she is accused of. I recognize this! I also told you that Eddie was to blame for the affair, not just Leann. I’m not a hypocrite, I see where she is picked on over nothing and I see where she tweets passive aggressively, too.

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  • pash

    Skankann said the album was her “truth” remember? Remember her mentioning the tape being pulled of her mouth in like every freakin interview she gave! For being a numer one fan from day one holly in wherever, you sure are stupid. God Bless Always.