LeAnn Rimes Shares Brandi Glanville’s Sons’ Private Personal Info On Twitter: Slams CDL Author Again

LeAnn Rimes Shares Brandi Glanville's Sons Private Personal Info On Twitter: Slams CDL Author Again

I am used to writing about LeAnn Rimes being snarky with people on Twitter and highlighting the conversation, but what is different this time is that I was involved. Before I begin let me clear something up, the way it works in celebrity gossip is we often write about celebs who are in the news and draw attention – and yes, right now LeAnn is a fairly hot topic and so I continue to check on her Twitter and write.

On Friday when I checked her Twitter I noticed she was communicating with a random person on Twitter – @mindysparties- and when asked if Mason and Jake – who are her husband Eddie Cibrian’s children with Brandi Glanville – go to private or public school she told them public. I found this disturbing because the internet is full of both stalkers and pedophiles and the boys have already had to move homes once because of stalkers, so it was my opinion that she shouldn’t share this type of information that can help people narrow down where the boys go to school – that should be up to the boy’s parents. I quote retweeted her tweet with my opinion attached at the end:

LeAnn Rimes Shares Brandi Glanville's Sons Private Personal Info On Twitter: Slams CDL Author Again

Later the @mindsyparties who was the random person LeAnn was chatting with tweeted me saying, “ … Oh give me a break! There was no personal or private info given out!…” to which I responded, “It is information and she is not their mother to be putting it out there. It is common sense.” She responded by saying:


It is important to note that at the bottom you can clearly see that LeAnn favorited her tweet, and she did so immediately which means she was actively following our conversation. This is important because after I expressed my opinion that there are important boundaries that should be respected by stepparent’s @mindysparties wrote a tweet implying that Brandi was worthless:


The time stamp on her tweet is 5:19. At 5:23 I tweeted challenging LeAnn to finally do the right things and stand up for Brandi, because Brandi has stood up for her in the past:


LeAnn responded at 5:25, only to @mindysparties and instead of standing up for Brandi she took a swipe at me instead. Typical. This is the same person who has called me a horrific “human being” and an uniformed fool -SIC.

LeAnn Rimes Shares Brandi Glanville's Sons Private Personal Info On Twitter: Slams CDL Author Again

What LeAnn fails to acknowledge is the simple fact that she lost public favor not because people are so insecure and sad, but because we are empathetic and do not have to be in the situation to be able to relate to the pain she continues to cause by exploiting her stepsons in an attempt to terrorize their mother. Her actions seem to indicate that she stalks Brandi’s timeline on Twitter and will then tweet things in an attempt to bait her. She has publicly called Brandi’s boys, “my boys,” and even once said that her tour bus is Brandi’s sons’, “happiest place.” She has publicly laughed at her stepson’s mom and has called her names on a number of occasions. But I don’t expect LeAnn to understand the concept of empathy because it is an emotion she lacks.

By the way, one of the hallmarks of sociopathy is, from WikipediA, “a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse.” Sound like someone, LeAnn?

LeAnn Rimes Shares Brandi Glanville's Sons Private Personal Info On Twitter: Slams CDL Author Again

  • she’s a mess

  • Angel 2009

    What is even more surprising is that no one else called her out for revealing any kind of information about the boys. Young children need to be protected from the dangers of the Internet and not used as conversational fodder for a Twitter addict that clearly has no idea (and apparently doesn’t care) about boundaries or safety concerns for vulnerable children. MeAnn has clearly shown her depth of stupidity!

  • Amanda Knocks

    Saying someone goes to public school is hardly personal information. . Geez stop trying to start drama!

    • Welp

      Agreed. What a bizarre thing to get upset about. Those kids are luck to have leann. Their real mom is a drunken embarrassment.

  • Amanda Knocks

    That is hardly personal information. Stop trying to start something.

  • Amanda Knocks

    That is hardly per sonal information. Stop being a tro uble mak er.

  • Janie Gibson

    Where the devil is their dad?? Was he on a hot date, since we know they don’t live togerher. This woman is so pathetic! She professes to love these little boys & throws them under the bus in a heartbeat. Ed will never have a child with, even he’s not that stupid!

  • MissMoody

    To communicate on a public forum with someone who implied that Brandi was worth nothing as a person and/or a mother, I’m done with this broad. I too have a stepmom and she always had an issue with boundaries. As children, we may not say much but we see things. We are aware. Unfortunately for Leann, all her bad behavior is saved forever online. Country music had a great year and Leann didn’t make a blip. For all the talk about her album being critically received, she didn’t make any Country Best of lists that I’ve seen. No Grammys. no other country awards and she was everywhere this year working those sob stories and crocodile tears. What a sorry state of affairs. Get your ish together Leann. I still listened to and enjoyed her back catalogue of music (I Need You is a personal favorite) but F that. If even one YouTube view means money in her pocket, forget about it.

  • gessie

    I was right. You are obsessed. How very bizarre.

    • Angel 2009

      Why do you even care about what JZ has to write about? “At some point one has to come to the conclusion that this poster is mentally unstable as everything she writes is bullshit.”

      • julie.zelko


    • Sarah Highcove

      It’s Julie’s job to be obsessed and make stories like this…kind of brilliantly done actually. And LeAnn plays right into it every time, so I hope she keeps at it ;)

      • julie.zelko

        This is me giving you a big high five! I get tired of these ppl who come on here and get all upset that a celeb gossip site is writing about a celebrity … its what we do!

  • julie.zelko

    Thank you ;) and you are right you cannot rationalize with the irrational!

  • MissMoody

    I think you may have accidentally replied to me. No where in my comment did i address the boys private information being released online. I also never mentioned anything about stalking. I’m Team No One. I think all three of the adults involved are terrible in their own way. I think Leann is terrible for continuing to engage in a public forum with people who are very clearly dissing the mother of her stepchildren and that is what I expressed in my comment. I do take offense however at your comment regarding “hyper sensitive” women. I’ve seen this often from Leann fans in reply to those who disagree with Leann’s choices. They are accused of being scorned women and having a bias because of that. I’m 26, not married yet, no children and (as far as I’m aware) I’ve never been cheated on. So what bias do you speak of?

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