Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Three Women and One is LeAnn’s Friend! – Report

Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Three Women and One is LeAnn's Friend! - Report

The blogosphere as well as twitterverse is ablaze with claims that Eddie Cibrian is cheating on LeAnn Rimes with no less than three other woman, one who happens to be one of LeAnn’s “friends.” Any one surprised? I didn’t think so.

First off we all have all heard that age old adage – “how you get them is how you lose them,” which makes sense since if they cheated with you, likely they will cheat on you. But secondly and even more importantly it was obvious that a guy like Eddie would never be satisfied physically by a girl like LeAnn – she is just not his type or even in his “looks” league. Let’s be real – call me ruthless or whatever you want to call me – but all I am really doing is calling it as I see it.

Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Three Women and One is LeAnn's Friend! - Report

LeAnn and Eddie did not end up together because of some great love story, but because each could provide something that the other needed. For LeAnn, scoring a guy as physically hot – because although he is a jerk of the highest order he is hot one – as Eddie who was married to a leggy model and bedded countless beauties made her finally feel like the one thing she has spent her whole life trying to be – sexy. LeAnn – despite her best efforts – just was not blessed with the beauty and sex appeal of her counter parts, and the work that she appears to have done to change her face has only worked against her and has left the 30 year old look like the cat ladies younger (but not by much) sister. For Eddie this relationship provides him with access to a bank account – simple as that – he married for money.

Since being married LeAnn has kept Eddie on the shortest of leashes (like home security cameras not meant to keep people out but to keep a certain someone it), but that hasn’t stopped him from finding a way to play. In fact rumor has it that one of his playmates is ready to talk because despite telling her that he was clean, Eddie ended up giving her a little parting gift she could have done without. Allegedly Eddie has LeAnn using her dwindling monetary resources to keep the girl quiet, but it might be too late and that can of beans may be spilling very soon.

According to a not so blind item on Just Say Jenn! LeAnn and Eddie have not been sleeping in the same room, and LeAnn has been getting passed out drunk on the regular. Makes sense when you look at what she was wearing to the soccer game on Saturday, and what she was wearing in her drunken tequila selfie – looks like Ms. Rimes went straight home, hit the bottle, and ended up sleeping in the same exact clothes.

By Monday she was trying to garner sympathy with yet another illness – this time food poisoning – but was soon called out for even attempting such a lame lie. Listen closely LeAnn, you can’t tweet out drunken selfies, and then claim to have food poisoning; the educated population knows that what you had was likely just your standard hangover from a drinking binge. Got that LeAnn. Good.

By Tuesday night her hangover food poisoning had passed and she was well enough to hit the bar Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City, CA with some paid friends girlfriends. Of course being the has-been she is LeAnn tweeted a picture of her location hoping to get some paparazzi buzzing her way. Of course.

LeAnn rarely leaves the house for a night out without Eddie for fear of what the mouse might do while the cat is away, so a girl’s night for LeAnn spells trouble in pseudo paradise. Adding to her mounting bad news is that sources who were at the bar said LeAnn was looking like a horse that was rode hard and put away wet (i.e., she looked BAD) and no one really cared that she was there.

Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Three Women and One is LeAnn's Friend! - Report

Also of note (because I simply refuse to let this dumb lie go) the pictures taken of her girl’s night out show that her hand or finger or whatever the hell she claims she broke is completely fine. Such a pointless lie – I mean – I just can’t even begin to comprehend the thought process behind taking numerous photos and going on and on about my poor broken hand/finger that is in reality fine. It not only makes her appear to have a mental illness but it proves that the country singer who is known to cancel concerts is just down right lazy, too lazy to even keep up the façade of her making! I imagine the inside of her head to be a very scary place to be *shudders*.

And in what just might be the best example of hypocrisy – LeAnn who thrives off of bullying other people – has taken to her twitter today to pretend that she is taking a stand against bullying. This is the same person who continues to try and shame and hurt her husband’s ex, Brandi Glanville who allegedly sets up fake twitter accounts to harass people, and calls people on the phone to cuss them out because they don’t share the same opinions as she does. Yes LeAnn I think it is time we stand up to bullies – bullies like you – which is why I do what I do.

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11 responses to “Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Three Women and One is LeAnn’s Friend! – Report”

  1. This should be no surprise to ANYONE. There’s no way these two are going to last, and yes, Eddie is certainly in a higher-league of hotness. Leann probably felt she did good this time, but besides the publicity, she’s setting herself up for a heartache.

  2. Molly says:

    LeAnn is way more into Eddie than he is into her. Her insecurities would push any man away.

  3. drdebo cherry says:

    LeAnn is a victim of her celebrity and I hope she dumps Mr.Nobody sooner than later- she’s an awesome talent…and just a grown up little girl from Grapevine, Texas.

  4. carrie says:

    i believe the writer thinks Rimmes kills some kitten the night to drink their blood LOL

  5. Pamela says:

    Gross, they’re all a big bunch of trainwrecks.

  6. Jackie Jackson says:

    Wow!!! thought this is supposed to be an article about Eddie’s cheating with THREE women. You mentioned ONE, then goes on a rant about how unattractive Leann is and why she has to pay for dick, etc. etc. Yeah, a cheater is always a cheater. But, a a playa is always a playa. Eddie didn’t have to leave Brandi just to get Leann’s money. If he’s a real playa he could of kept Brandi and had Leann as his side piece and still got her dollars. They both broke up their previous relationships for each other.

  7. Jackie Jackson says:

    I agree that Leann is a silly little twit. She has done a lot and said a lot of things that are definitely uncool. But, as a writer you shouldn’t let your personal bias against her show so much. I just thought the article would be more about Eddie’s new conquest and less about Leann’s mental state of mind and dirty deeds. Keep up the good work girl.

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  10. Jaime McDaniel says:

    Leann is not really a Texas girl. She is from Mississippi, then livendd in Garland Texas for 4_5 years. At 15 she moved to L.A. She is more of an L.A. girl than anything. She really never had any normal childhood or life. She is a great singer and has one of the best voices but had always made poor choices in songs, wardrobe and how she ran her career. Then lately she can not keep her mouth shut about Brandi has only made her look bad. No matter what Brandi says or does, Leann needed to let it go and stay quiet. But Leann has made too many bad decisions and is sinking her career.