LeAnn Rimes To Promote Underwear After Eddie Cibrian Separation and Divorce? (VIDEO)

LeAnn Rimes To Promote Underwear After Eddie Cibrian Separation and Divorce? (VIDEO)

So Jimmy Kimmel invited Eddie Cibrian onto this show Jimmy Kimmel Live! under the guise of talking about the movie The Best Man Holiday. I say this because Eddie barely had a part in that movie, so it is safe to say he was invited on because he has been making headlines because his wife LeAnn Rimes’ inability to contain her sloppiness has exposed the mess that is their marriage and her mental state. In less than 3 minutes Jimmy got Eddie comfortable enough that he practically confirmed everything that has been written about them as of late. Throughout the entire interview Eddie did little to defend his wife LeAnn which led to an interview that was truly entertaining.

The first epic moment happened when Jimmy brought up the fact that LeAnn can’t seem to stop fighting with Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville, noting that Eddie just stays out of it – at least publicly – to which Eddie replied, “Well, I do. Look, I think there are some people who are just kind of born to create drama and then capitalize on it.” Hah! Way to set yourself up Eddie. Jimmy jumped on that comment saying, “and you married both of them!” Eddie started laughing up a storm in agreement, until he remembered he is supposed to be pretending that he loves LeAnn so he was all, “I learned from my first marriage not to do that on my second.”

Oh Eddie come on now, Brandi has her own drama but it isn’t with you and LeAnn, rather it is LeAnn who keeps trying to bait Brandi but is constantly met with crickets, so she settles for arguing with random people on Twitter and me, an author on CDL! The proof is in the Twitter and your girl lets all her craziness hang out there.

Another epic moment – a moment that you just know made LeAnn trash her closet again – Eddie admitted (again) that filming their scripted show together has been the nail in the coffin that is their marriage. Jimmy told Eddie, “This reality show could turn out to be a terrible terrible idea,” to which Eddie replied, “well yes it probably will, it probably will.

LeAnn took to Twitter to respond to Eddie saying that the reality show was a bad idea saying, “it’s called humor and I love it!!” Alright LeAnn just like how you took to Twitter to say, “I love my husband, ‘you look like Phyllis Diller,’” to try and laugh off the fact that after skydiving he laughed AT you on national TV and told you that you look like Phyllis Diller. I am not going to lie that was an awkward moment and I actually felt bad for you until I remembered all the bad you have done. Simply put: happiness and love speak for themselves; it is not something that you have to prove, and in fact being so defensive and setting up photo ops only proves the opposite is true. At this point I am beginning to wonder if you are trying to convince the public or yourself – probably both.

Before taking off on a 14 hour flight, LeAnn, who has said she is addicted to Twitter among other things (her words not mine), made sure to get her fill of Twitter arguments. LeAnn really needs to stop saying she doesn’t read or respond to negativity because she does … all the time … and today she was especially busy responding to negative comment on Twitter. The singer turned aspiring reality star did take a break from arguing with people to reach out to Fruit of the Loom for a job. Yeah you read that right – former Grammy winner now begging Fruit of the Loom for an endorsement. After joking with a fan about how she was a, “bad ass packer,” and he told her she was queen of the fruits (yeah I don’t know I feel as stupid writing it as you probably feel reading it):

LeAnn Rimes To Promote Underwear After Eddie Cibrian Separation and Divorce? (VIDEO)

Then to make a sad situation even sadder her friend penned a tweet in a show of support:

 LeAnn Rimes To Promote Underwear After Eddie Cibrian Separation and Divorce? (VIDEO)

Oh dear LeAnn times are that hard huh – you actually @Fruit of the Loom in that exchange. Wow … just wow. But I get it … keeping Eddie isn’t cheap and with no record deal you are in need of a job but there are better and less transparent ways to go about it. Add this to your list of thought provoking quotes that you never listen too – no man is worth your bank account and your dignity. But you my dear have sacrificed both.

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4 responses to “LeAnn Rimes To Promote Underwear After Eddie Cibrian Separation and Divorce? (VIDEO)”

  1. Loca says:

    Jimmy should have promoted his movie more. I’m sure the last thing Eddie wants to talk about is the drama between the wife and ex. I hope he gets his career back. I did happen to notice he says Leann not my wife.

  2. gessie says:

    Oh, quit being such a hater. Go look at Brandi Glanville’s latest picture of drunken buffonery on the internet or get a real hobby.

  3. dls says:

    You just keep writing the truth and let the trolls be trolls!