LeAnn Rimes Reacts To Dismissal of Lexi and Kimberly Smiley Case – No Invasion of Privacy

LeAnn Rimes Reacts To Dismissal of Lexi and Kimberly Smiley Case - No Invasion of Privacy

So it is safe to say that yesterday was not LeAnn Rimes’ day. In fact pay attention guys – we have all been taught that what goes around comes around… well let’s just say we are watching Karma do its thing and all I have to say is, “Karma, what took you so damn long!

In one day it was made public that LeAnn’s marriage to Eddie Cibrian is in the shitter (pun totally intended, you know because that whole laxative thing), and her invasion of privacy lawsuit against Kimberly and Lexi Smiley was dismissed with prejudice so Ms. Rimes cannot refile that same claim against them, ever. I have to say this again because I just want to put it out there as much as possible so that there is no confusion – LeAnn did not drop the lawsuit it was dismissed. She would probably like us to believe she dropped the lawsuit because she is such a good person, but she didn’t so she’s not. Watch for it though, because I am sure she will try and spin it like she did them a favor and graciously dropped it, but don’t fall for it my Celeb Dirty Laundry friends – although I know you won’t because you’re smarter than that.

The most likely scenario is that some type of settlement was reached, but this was no win for LeAnn because she likes to gloat about her wins and she has been eerily quiet on Twitter. Except to tell us for the hundredth time how excited for Halloween she is. Ok, I love Halloween just as much – if not more – than the next guy but if I had a Twitter account (which I don’t but all you witty Twitter people make me want to get one), I wouldn’t tweet my excitement every 5 minutes because well I am an adult with a life. Oh there I go sounding all condescending again, which I swear I am not, I blame LeAnn she just brings this side out of me.

It is said that silence speaks volumes, and this is very true for LeAnn. She has spent almost three years manically tweeting, so when she goes silent … well let’s just say Eddie better hide all the sharp objects and sleep with not one but both eyes open…. Her world is crumbling and nothing exacerbates LeAnn’s crazy more than losing control.

I would like to say that LeAnn is probably wishing she never acted like a middle school child and called Kim and Lexi and later sued them, but more likely she has made herself believe she is the wronged heroine – the victim in all this. She should regret it though, because this lawsuit is quite possibly, and you can quote me on this, the biggest PR blunder by a celebrity in recent times. LeAnn acted on emotion and rage and failed to see that even if she had won this lawsuit, she was losing where it counts most for her livelihood – the court of public opinion.

To be a successful artist you need fans, they are who support you and buy whatever the hell you’re hocking, and all she accomplished by going after Kim and Lexi is alienated the public who up until than had remained neutral about her despite the whole cheating with a married man, stalking his wife, and claiming their kids as her own thing. You better watch out LeAnn or the next time you are in a Lifetime movie it won’t be as an actress, but as the main character being portrayed.

Honestly I have not been able to wrap my mind around what LeAnn thought she was going to accomplish by going after a family of 8 with means far less than hers, but I suppose we cannot expect rational behavior from an irrational mind. And LeAnn is a great many things, but rational doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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