Wicked Stepmother LeAnn Rimes Tells Brandi Glanville She “Needs To Grow Up” – Twitter War Erupts! (PHOTOS)

Wicked Stepmother LeAnn Rimes Tells Brandi Glanville She "Needs To Grow Up" - Twitter War Erupts!

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are involved yet again in another media dispute. This time, it’s over whether LeAnn is a good mother or not. Brandi initially criticized LeAnn Rimes for not being an attentive stepmother, largely due to publicized events such as the one where Brandi’s sons were out biking without helmets. Brandi hinted to LeAnn that she needs to start getting it together and taking better care of her children, instead of concentrating only on herself.

Of course, LeAnn didn’t take that well, and she decided to tweet about the important of her role as a stepmother. However, she seems to have gotten some Twitter hate, because she added [in a clear jibe against Brandi], “Supporting other step moms is not putting down bio moms. Some people seriously need to grow up.”

See, I wish this issue was being dealt with people other than LeAnn and Brandi. This is actually a very interesting look at people’s perceptions of the role of the stepmother versus the birth mother. If both are still in the picture, who gets blamed? Who gets the most rights? Who has the most claim to the boys? Everyone has differing views, but things get even more complicated when you throw in two famous [and I use that word loosely] celebrities who have had their own history of public confrontations.

In this case, Brandi does have a huge fan base from her stint on the Real Housewives, and she also has the jilted wife card that she’s been playing over and over again. Fortunately for her, it never fails to work and her fans have been tweeting at LeAnn for the past couple of days. Needless to say, this is an incident that won’t get solved that easily, but who do you think is the better mother? And is Brandi correct in her criticism of LeAnn?

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9 responses to “Wicked Stepmother LeAnn Rimes Tells Brandi Glanville She “Needs To Grow Up” – Twitter War Erupts! (PHOTOS)”

  1. Carol Lee says:

    Brandi is the ONLY mother. If Leann ever has a child, she’ll realize how over the top she has been. I’ve been a step mom for two decades and Leann needs to step away from the staged pap shots(see above photos) and twitter.

  2. Roseanna says:

    LeAnn called the paparazzi to take these photos to show everyone what a great and attentive step-parent she is. Nothing she does is altruistic. She can’t do anything with the boys that isn’t documented. Either by herself on Twitter and her fansite or in photos taken by her own personal paparazzi from a specific agency. If LeAnn could do these things with the kids without exposing them to the media the way she does, people wouldn’t come down on her the way they do. Eddie says the boys aren’t allowed to be in the background of their Mother’s show, yet is fine with his children being pimped out by his new wife. I guess as long and he’s profiting, the hypocrisy doesn’t bother him. These children are their own little people. LeAnn insists that she won’t stop sharing “her happiness”, yet doesn’t take into consideration that it isn’t all about her. I don’t know if it’s the fact that she was a child star who’s career peaked while in her teens or if she’s just narcissistic by nature, but she’s very misguided in her handling of her new role as step-parent.

  3. Pamela says:

    Oh gosh, their feud is getting boring now – they need to stay away from each other and forget that the other one exists!

  4. Tam Tam says:

    There is no twitter war. Brandi doesnt mention her ever. This is just Leann calling paps to B’s sons games to get photographed. Girl is desperate.

  5. chris Summers says:

    Krazy Kray Kray Beeooooch So friggin insecure that she has to plant her behind in the dug out on the premise of being the team mom. The world sees through you LeAnn no matter how you try and justify your actions. The ones who do not are just as sick and desperate as you are!

  6. Holly says:

    Anyone who thinks that LeAnn is the worst step parent on the face of this planet obviously has no idea how worse off her stepsons could have been. I have an aunt who lost her mom at age 3 and the lady who eventually became my aunt’s step mom literally treated my aunt like she was something stuck to the bottom of her shoes. (shaking my head)

    God bless LeAnn and her stepsons and my aunt always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)

    P.S. I can’t wait until LeAnn’s Spit Fire album is finally in my hands! (big smile)

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  9. pash says:

    This is the same purse Brandi had last year! OMG…she just keeps getting more obsessed.