Leonardo DiCaprio & Kat Torres Dating: The Model Confirms Relationship — But She’s Broken Leo’s Secrecy Pact!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kat Torres Dating: The Model Confirms Relationship -- But She's Broken Leo's Secrecy Pact!

Leonard DiCaprio doesn’t walk through the world empty-armed for too long before finding a replacement model-girlfriend, and his current romantic situation is no different. Kat Torres, 24, an international model slowly coming to terms with the blinding limelight, has confirmed that she’s dating 38-year-old Leo and admits that she’s very happy. She interviewed with Brazilian newspaper Extra.

In her interview, she admits that Leo might not be extremely happy with her for revealing bits and pieces (even though they were far from scandalous) of their relationship, as she and Leo have established a “secrecy pact.”

“I really don’t know how the photographers got the picture because we were well guarded and no one could come close in any circumstances.” She continues, “Leo is amazing, but I worry about what he will think about me talking to you. We have a pact that nothing can ever be said about our relationship.”

Do you think she has anything to worry about? Do you think, after Leo catches wind of the fact that his latest muse is prone to blabbing, that he’ll politely ask her to step aside and find another beauty to occupy his time with? It’s quite curious that she mentions this “secrecy pact.” I’m sure Leonardo has a similar agreement set up with all his ladies — which might just be why we never hear much gossip before the hooking up or after the splitting up!

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Image credit to FameFlynet