Leonardo DiCaprio Had Sex With Seven Models During Cannes Film Festival – Nasty Or Good For Him?

Leonardo DiCaprio Had Sex With Seven Models During Cannes Film Festival - Nasty Or Good For Him? 0607

Really? Seven? He’s no Wilt Chamberlaine or anything but if I’m surprised by anything it’s by how small the number is. The Cannes Film Festival lasted around eleven days. I figured he would have a fling for every night. But just because there were only seven girls doesn’t mean there were only seven flings. Ever the environmentalist, I’m sure Leo recycled at some point.

And does this bother me? Hells no. Leonardo DiCaprio had sex with seven different women because he’s a slut. Everyone knows this. Shame on you for not knowing it. He likes his leggy, young models. And they like throwing themselves at him. He’s what they have to pass through before they make it to the big leagues. He’s their Annie Savoy (for any Bull Durham fans out there). He prepares them for the show.


But is he getting serious again? German model, Ton Garrn, seems to have caught his eye. Star magazine reports that despite his womanizing he is ready to settle down into a monogamous relationship again. Over the last few weeks they’ve been caught sightseeing in Monaco and Venice and today the Daily Mail has pics of the two checking out Versailles. He loves to travel, no? Didn’t he woo Blake Lively in Italy? There’s just something about Europe that makes even the grossest womanizer in Hollywood look like husband material. But like I said, I ain’t hatin’. Biotches should know better. Is this why he keeps them so young? Are they too immature to know better? Smart man. Nasty, insensitive and kinda douchey… but smart man. God but I love when he smiles. The DM has some good pics. When he smiles you see the guy who gave up the makeshift raft for you instead of the dude who’s just picturing your boobs.

What do you think of the Leonardo DiCaprio/Cannes Film Festival stories – surprising or par for the course?


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9 responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Had Sex With Seven Models During Cannes Film Festival – Nasty Or Good For Him?”

  1. ann says:

    Surprising! Only 7! Would have thought much more. He was there a full 2 weeks.

  2. busybeeblogger says:

    He’s so freaking nasty. :-x

  3. bohomoth says:

    I don’t believe this for one second. Leo’s, ahem, not straight. His BF is Lucas Haas. Allegedly of course.

  4. carrie says:

    he’s single so i just hope he uses condoms

  5. Robyn says:

    What a douche!!!

  6. […] and boobalicious. So… ya I get why Leo’s not necessarily a fan of the couple but he’s busy wooing a new model in Europe right now. He’s impressing her with all his smarts. Aren’t Kristen and Rob the last things on his minds? […]

  7. Brooke says:

    You people ACTUALLY believe Leo slept with 7 women in 10 days? Do you not realise that these tabloids make up rumours to keep selling otherwise they’d have no money by now? Seriously if you think this is true you are delusional, Leo isn’t that sort of person, honestly. And who gave you the right to interfere with his personal life anyway? Have you forgotten he’s an extraordinary actor and environmentalist? Grow up.

  8. Kylimayrow says:

    Women? These model could also be men…I lean towards the men…