Liberty Ross’ Divorce Forcing Robert Pattinson To Rethink Kristen Stewart Relationship?

Liberty Ross' Divorce Forcing Robert Pattinson To Rethink Kristen Stewart Relationship? 0127

Liberty Ross’ divorce announcement is dragging the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal all up in the headlines again. Poor Kristen’s got to be thinking Jesus Chris when will it all end! She’s apparently lying low again which is good and Robert Pattinson’s in Australia which is even better. They definitely don’t need to be in LA together for this new shit storm especially since it could get Rob thinking again and Kristen doesn’t need that.

As you know I am not one of those who think Rob and Kristen have broken up. He’s off filming and having a great time down under and she’s… crusty Kristen Stewart. But you’ve got to think this break up will lead to some sort of strain. Up until now both relationships had weathered the storm and that must have been somewhat oddly comforting for them. It’s not like Rob was the only cuckolded one who took his shady significant other back. Liberty was his teammate. And Liberty and Rupert have a family which made their supposed reconciliation even more encouraging. If you can forgive someone for not only screwing you over but also your family then that says a lot about you. Only, in the end, Liberty couldn’t. So will Rob rethink his decision to give Kristen another shot? Now she really is a home wrecker  Now she really did mess up two little kids’ family. You have to REALLY love someone to overlook something like that.

I’m sensing trouble. I hate to say it Twihards but I think this could be the beginning of the end. Liberty Ross’ commitment to her family was one of the strongest ties keeping Rob and Kristen together. I thought the scandal was the worst thing they would face together but this divorce could be the straw to break the camel’s back.


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6 responses to “Liberty Ross’ Divorce Forcing Robert Pattinson To Rethink Kristen Stewart Relationship?”

  1. EllieMae says:

    Get over it, let it go, butt out, leave them alone, how many ways can I say it? Stop the shit stirring. Liberty & Rupert’s divorce has nothing to do with Kristen, you are bullies, hyenas going for the scraps. If the divorce had been filed 5 yrs from now you would still blame the Kristen alleged affair. Get a decent job, life, etc.

    • Let's be truthful... says:

      I agree. I agree. I agree. LR filed for divorce before this so-called “affair” (tabloids’ words, not mine) and she will probably change her mind and then in the future file again. Not KS’s problem and not ours.

    • sam says:

      I agree with everything you stated and Kristen and Rob need to be left alone so they can work on their private lives. Media has over stepped the boundaries to many times on this scandal. Kristen and Rob have taken all the public media has dished out at them it’s time to shut up,leave them alone Go pick on someone else.

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  3. j23o says:

    Their marriage was on the rocks anyway,she’d filed for divorce in 2011 as well but changed her mind.

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