Liberty Ross Hates Kristen Stewart: Blames Her For Divorce And So Does Robert Pattinson

Liberty Ross Hates Kristen Stewart: Blames Her For Divorce And So Does Robert Pattinson

It looks like Kristen Stewart is hard pressed to find anyone who wants to be affiliated with her this week!  First Robert Pattinson is rumored to have dumped her before leaving the country to begin filming down under and now Hollywood as a whole is none too pleased with the moody and often thankless actress. Liberty Ross formally filing for divorce from her husband of over a decade, Rupert Saunders reignited the fire that spread 6 months ago.

Last summer Kristen was vilified and marked as a temporary outcast for publicly messing with a married director. The story was worse when photos popped up of Kristen hanging out with the couples’ two children indicating that she was close to the whole family while sporking Rupert. This is probably one of the most appalling parts to the whole story and the actress is rumored to have lost roles over her bad behavior. Would you want your husband or boyfriend working on a film set with her? Of course not and that is Hollywood’s general reaction.

Liberty’s divorce filing took the whole situation to a new level because Kristen’s involvement directly helped to end this marriage and to many in Tinseltown that just isn’t forgivable.  Kristen is rumored to be planning to run off to Australia is a desperate effort to win Rob back. He supposedly was sick of her clingyness and knew that with an ocean in between them he’d never trust her fully so why leave with that burden on his shoulders. Kristen showing up now will look even more desperate because she is also running from the backlash here in the states!

Should Kristen be in the hot seat or should people just mind their business and get over it? Will she continue working in an industry that she doesn’t seem to appreciate much anyway? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • will kristen still sought robert now that rupert will be free very soon?


  • If Liberty and Rupert are divorcing over this, they had prior problems. It’s just easy to use Kristen as the escape goat. Live up and take responsiblity for your own faults folks. Your marriage was heading down hill before Kristen. Geeze, get a grip!

  • One would have to be so naive as to believe Kristen has everything to do with this. Something must have been wrong in their marriage. Any MOM, MOTHER WITH MATERNAL INSTINCTS would have seen this as what it is, and what it is: just an act of indiscretion from a young girl and an act of harassment from her husband. With proper counseling this could have been overcome for the sake of the kids. They could have MOVED ON. I BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY! THIS IS LIBERTY ROSS TRYING AGAIN TO HAVE HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME. SHE RECENTLY RELEASED NUDE PICTURES. WHAT A GREAT COINCIDENCE! PLEASE STOP CALLING KRISTEN STEWART THE WRONG DOER, SHE IS ALSO A VICTIM AND THE SCARLET LETTER OF THE 21ST CENTURY! GOOD LORD! THIS TIME I WOULD ADVICE KRISTEN STEWART TO SPEAK TO HER ATTORNEYS AND STOP THIS Defamatory CAMPAIGN AGAINST HER! HOPE SHE OR HER STAFF READS THIS.

    • I agree its time for the lawyers to be called in for slander enough is enough

    • ap

      you should be the one married to the cheater so you can live happily ever after after he cheated and publicly huniliated you .Proper counseling you dont know a thing about their private married only want Liberty to work on her marriage not because youre really concern about Rupert and the kid but because once Liberty done with Rupert Kristen became officially a think Kristen are paying her PR team and Lawyer for nothing.oh yeah they are just a spectatator to the media circus happenibg around her.they just sat there in the corner watching her crucified by the court of public opinion doing nothing to save from her stupidity.nobody has a campaign against

  • People should mine there own business,Rupert is the blame for his troubles. and it’s not the first time he’s cheated on his wife. He did it before and that’s why she won’t forgive him. The whole story has not come out. . Kristen is tasking the blame and the man who is older and wiser get’s off the hook. Why is that fair. I feel bad for the children.Innocent in all this but don’t let Kristen be the only scapegoat.

  • Anne Franklin

    Liberty needs to hate Rupert her soon to be ex-husband. Pictures didnt look like he was fighting Kristen off.

  • Most home wreckers only like married men, kind of doubt Kristen will hook up with Rupert again.

  • Who Cares? Liberty who? Leave Kristen alone!

  • Again more lies. Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from Rupert several times including the one when SHE cheated on him….people do not file for divorce for fake pictures. and they were fake

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