Lindsay Lohan Disses Kristen Stewart on Chelsea Lately: Who Is She To Judge?

So just days after getting out of rehab, everyone’s favorite perennial junkie Lindsay Lohan has been hosting the Chelsea Lately show. I was initially very surprised to learn this, but then I realized that the show was hosted on E!, and it all made sense.

Surprisingly, Lindsay wasn’t unbearable in the segment, although her comments about Kristen Stewart have been drawing some ire, especially from Twi-hards and Kristen fans. So the video of Kristen yelling at the paparazzi and telling them that they don’t ‘deserve to breathe the same air‘ as her obviously went viral, and Lindsay jokingly commented on the video, saying, “I’m just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion.”

She also added, “Of course she hates photographers. They caught her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper.”

BURN. How badly can Kristen have messed up that even Lindsay Lohan feels like she has permission to make fun of you? Oh Kristen, how the mighty have fallen. Anyway, Lindsay immediately tries to pretend like her joke was no big deal, adding that she ‘loves’ Kristen Stewart, but you’re not fooling anybody. I mean, is Lindsay really somebody who can discuss showing ’emotion’ on camera? As far as I know, that godawful Liz Taylor biopic on Lifetime showcased two expressions of Lindsay’s: bored and bored. Sorry, I meant one expression. Only I don’t even really know if it’s bored because her plastic surgery has made it impossible to discern when her face is trying to express emotion and when it’s not.

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11 responses to “Lindsay Lohan Disses Kristen Stewart on Chelsea Lately: Who Is She To Judge?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    At least Kristen still has a career and job offers – Blohan, um . . . not so much.

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  3. catherinedove says:

    Do any of you care that there are SO MANY people out here who believe that those cheating photos were a staged stunt put on by Robert and/or Kristen? You KNOW how much controversy that has caused – aside from what any of us thinks about either Kristen or Robert at this point in time. How FAIR is this?!!

    So many people out here still believe that those cheating photos were a staged stunt put on by either Robert and/or Kristen. In other words, Robert and/or Kristen have LET US ALL DOWN because of their own selfish, Hollywood publicity stunts THAT THEY SUPPOSEDLY CONTINUE – despite all this crap that has been so unfair to them both, for over a year and counting. How many things can we blame on them?!!

    It would be almost IMPOSSIBLE for Hollywood’s incessant harrassment NOT to have contributed to the apparent end of their romantic relationship.

    We all SEEN both of them BOTH be SO MISTREATED by these gossip rags & paps over the years, not just through these publicity scandals. I swear, some of these ‘fake stunt’ websites are being run by Hollywood gossip rags, themselves.

    What Katy Perry’s recent comments did – no matter what you think of her – is confirm that Kristen & Robert’s romantic relationship WAS REAL. By doing so, it also probably validated my blog – but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ve got a BELIEVABLE explanation about those cheating photos that MOST COINCIDES with Kristen’s public apology AND the reasons why they would reunite so soon, afterwards.

    It was NOT a publicity stunt – these two HATE the papz, why would they willingly volunteer to be their money bags for as CRUEL as these gossip rags have been to them and have ALWAYS been to them?!

    We NEED to set things straight, Ladies… The MAJORITY of Hollywood’s stories ALL the way up until now have been outright LIES because they are TRYING to get Kris or Rob to ‘say something’ – because if they can get them to correct what’s being said about them, that’s more REAL fodder for them to twist around for us, which equals even MORE money for them.

    Search: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot – just like that. I just got done putting up a condensed SUMMARY about all of this right up at the top so you don’t have to search around for it.

    It would be AMAZING if we Twihards could UNITE by signing the petitions and SHOCK THE WORLD with this big TwiBomb as an Anniversary Present to our beloved Hollywood’s Gossip Tabloids and Paparazzi who supposedly care SO DAMN MUCH for Freedom of Speech!

    • thebutcher says:

      You put a new meaning to being obsessed with two REALLY bad actors. They don’t know you, and they don’t give a shit about you. Try to get a life of your own

    • Angel 2009 says:

      Hmmm, thought this article is about a multiple rehabbed loser dissing an actress who does have a legitimate career. Sorry but Twihards need to move on to new interests.

  4. bessgilliamhylton says:

    Lilo needs to go sit in a corner and shut up! She needs to look in a mirror and worry about cleaning herself up before she destroys her own career instead of gabbing about other peoples mistakes.

  5. Angel 2009 says:

    The Canyons? Guess again . . . semi soft porn that she got paid for by the day. Not a fan of either but Kristen is coming out ahead of Lohan.

    • Alex says:

      Actually Lohan is going to star in a movie with Ben Affleck and Woody Allen. So, your point is invalid.

  6. ellenj49 says:

    Lindsey is a joke herself. Making fun of others even if its wrote for her. The writers could do that with Chelsea. But the content for Lindsey should not be making fun of others mistakes. Really! Lindsey needs to suck up to Hollywood to save her career. I’m waiting to see how well she does down the road. Wish her well but she’s an accident waiting to happen. Watch out for Karma!

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