Masterchef Junior RECAP 11/8/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Finale, Part 2”

Masterchef Junior RECAP 11/8/13: Season 1 Episode 7 "Finale, Part 2"

Tonight on FOX MASTERCHEF JUNIOR continues with a new episode called “Finale, Part 2″.”  On tonight’s show we finally find out who will be crowed Masterchef Junior.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s episode in the beginning of a two-part finale the Final Four prepared one amazing dish to impress Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliott, and restauranteur Joe Bastianich and  make it to the Top Two.

On tonight’s show it’s in the conclusion of the two-part season finale, the Top 2, Alexander Weiss 13-years old vs. Dara Yu 12-years old prepare a three-course meal before the winner is announced.   They will be America’s first-ever MASTERCHEF JUNIOR and win a $100,000 prize.

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 8:00pm when MasterChef Junior Season One episode 7  airs on Fox.  While you wait for the recap, let us know how your enjoying this season of MasterChef.  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s finale below.

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Gordon welcomes us to the MasterChef Junior finale. Joe introduces Dara and says she’s one of the most talented people to enter the MC kitchen despite her age. We see a quick recap of Dara’s triumphs over the season. Graham introduces her challenger Alexander. This is East coast versus West coast with Alexander from New York and Dara from LA. We get a glimpse of Alexander’s outstanding dishes this season as well.

Gordon congratulates them for making it to the top 2. Joe reminds them there’s $100,000 and the title on the line. All of the past competitors and all of the parents are there as well as last season’s MasterChef winner Luca.

They are told they have 90 minutes to prepare an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. They are told to head to the pantry for the last time and that there’s a surprise in there. In the pantry, they see a large video screen. Dara’s aunt wishes her luck. Alexander sees his uncle and aunt who tell him they’re rooting for him. Then Graham comes in and tells them the Skype call is done and the cooking needs to start.

Alexander says he’s doing shrimp and tomatoes, gnocchi and veal for the entrée and deconstructed cannoli with very sauce. Dara is doing tuna for her app, prawn for her entrée and poached pears for dessert. Yummy choices all around! They come out of the pantry and are greeted with applause. I wonder if the crowd of onlookers will distract the pint sized chefs.

Both kids are working hard on all of their items. Dara says it’s crazy that they think they can do all this in 90 minutes. Alexander says he may have bit off more than he can chew making dishes with so many ingredients. Dara’s mom says she knew her daughter was a good cook but didn’t know she was talented to this extent. Alexander’s mom says he’s in his element and that he really wants the trophy.

Joe says the evolution of the kids on the MC journey is amazing. Joe thinks Dara’s is too ambitious but Gordon thinks it’s Alexander who’s trying to do too much in 90 minutes. Gordon asks Dara how she’s doing and says she’s playing to her strengths. He tells her it sounds incredible. He asks about her curry and she gives him an ingredient rundown. He tastes it and is impressed. He says her poached pears sound incredible.

Joe and Graham go to see Alexander and he says he’s almost done with his appetizer. They ask how long it will take his veal to cook and he says just 10 minutes. They ask how he’s cooking the gnocchi and he say he’s pan frying. He says the cannoli is something different. They wish him luck and let him get back to it.

The crowd is going wild and is yelling encouragement. Dara realizes she forgot powdered sugar and Alexander shows ultimate sportsmanship by giving her his to use. Luca says he knows how it feels to be in the finals – nervous, excited and scared. He says he doesn’t know how they can survive this situation being so young since he could barely handle it.

Joe says he’s worry about Dara’s curry sauce too heavy. Gordon says Alexander is running a little behind because his veal isn’t in yet. Both Dara and Alexander are encouraging each other. With 20 minutes to go, Alexander is panicking about his veal not being in the oven yet. It’s getting close to the end and Dara says she feels light headed and like she’s going to faint. Alexander stops and puts his arm around her to offer support.

Awww… These kids have been so supportive during the whole competition that it’s truly impressive.

Gordon calls for water and tells her to relax. The other kids tell her she’ll be okay and applaud her. Gordon gets her centered and high fives Alexander for being a good guy. Dara cools down and gets ready to wrap it up. She say she knows she can do it. They’ve got 15 minutes left.

Joe talks about the dessert of Asian poached pears versus deconstructed cannoli. Joe tells the kids they should be plating. Alexander says he’s still making stuff in the last 5 minutes and is feeling the crunch. He’s not sure if he’ll make it by the deadline. His mom and dad cheer loudly. Dara is plating and the girls are chanting her name – except Sarah who is yelling for Alexander.

The crowd does a noise countdown and Dara and Alexander throw up their hands smiling and then give each other big hugs. Alexander says he’s proud of what he’s done and that he got in almost everything. Dara says she’s pleased with her presentation. Joe says they are ready to head into the MC restaurant to serve the judges the three courses and find out who will become the first ever MasterChef Junior!

Dara brings up her Ahi tuna duo. She says she wanted to show more skill by doing a sear but loved the tradition of the other. Joe says the first tuna is beautifully done. He sniffs the second tuna, tastes it and says it’s perfect and a $25 appetizer worthy of Manhattan. Graham says she went above and beyond what they asked and that it’s technical and amazing. Gordon says at their age he was eating canned tuna and mayo and wasn’t doing anything like this. He’s amazed as well.

Alexander brings up his basil lemon shrimp appetizer. Joe digs in and says he loves the flavor of the roasted pepper. He says he likes it because you can taste every individual component. Graham says the shrimp are cooked like magic. He says the only thing he would change is a pinch more salt. Gordon says it’s beautiful and smells wonderful. He says it’s delicious but it’s more simple and he’s relying more on the natural flavors of the ingredients rather than his technical cooking skills.

Next are the entrees! The judges say it’s the beginning of a great dinner. Joe defends Alexander’s appetizer while Gordon and Graham say Dara’s was more of an achievement and much more technical. Luca says he has such respect for the kids and says he doesn’t think he could have beat the junior cefs head to head.

Dara brings up her spot prawns with wontons and coconut curry. She’s concerned that her shrimp is a little overcooked. Gordon looks at it and then tastes. He says the dish is delicious and likes the curry sauce and says the dumplings are perfect. He says a minute less of cook time would make them perfect. Graham says her mentality is more chef than 12 year old and asks what’s wrong with her. Graham says her curry is a little thick but delicious. Joe disagrees and says the curry is great and the dumplings are excellent and says he’d pay $45 for the dish.

Alexander worries about the cook on his veal. He made pan seared veal chop with gnocchi and butter sauce. He tells Gordon he’s hoping for a medium rare cook. Gordon cuts in and says it’s one of the best cooked veal chops anywhere and there are chefs everywhere shuddering at his skills. Gordon says the gnocchi are pillows of magic. He says what he lacked in the appetizer he more than made up for in the entrée. Graham says he wishes he could nail the cook on veal like that and says he loves food with a handle and picks up the veal chop. Graham says it’s amazing. Joe tells him the hero of the dish is him and that it’s amazing.

Gordon says both dishes were phenomenal and that it’s neck and neck. Joe says the veal was one of the best dishes they’ve ever tasted in an MC finale. Joe and Graham admit Dara’s shrimp was overcooked but her dumplings were incredible and very technical. The kids come in with their desserts and it’s all down to the last dish.

Graham tells the kids both of their other courses were great and he can’t wait for dessert Dara brings up her poached pear with lemon ginger miso sauce. Graham is intrigued by miso since it’s not usually in a dessert. He tastes and says it’s light, beautiful and fragrant. He says it’s like nothing he’s ever had before. Gordon says it’s visually stunning. He asks why poaching and she says she thinks it’s more dessert quality. He says the miso and crème sauce pop together. Joe tastes and says it’s amazing in its simplicity – sweet and acidic. He says it’s the perfect harmonious ending note to her symphony of dishes.

Alexander brings up his dessert. He made a deconstructed cannoli napoleon with mascarpone cream and mixed berry sauce and macerated berries on the side. Graham tastes and says he loves the berries and the dough’s crispiness. He says the mascarpone is a little too sweet. Gordon asks when they were born and they say 2000 and 2001 and Gordon says they make him feel like an old fart. Gordon asks them if they know what he was doing at their age and Graham says he was probably in jail in Glasgow. Gordon says the dessert is phenomenal. Joe tastes and jokes with the kids and has them both giggling.

Graham tells them they should both be very proud with what they’ve accomplished. Gordon says when they see them next, they’ll be crowning the winner. He sends the kids back into the kitchen. Gordon says Dara’s dessert was the perfect end to a stunning dinner. Graham talks about how cool it was the way Alexander rolled out the dough – they agree it was very clever. Joe says both menus were intellectual and intuitive especially for a 12 and 13 year old.

Joe says that gnocchi was the best food they’ve ever had in the MC kitchen. Graham says Dara’s menu was cohesive. Gordon says she took risks that paid off. They reach an agreement and head in to tell the kids who the winner is.

Dara and Alexander await their fate. Dara says she hopes they see that her food was amazing but is worried. Alexander says winning would mean the world to him and thinks he did enough to win. He seems to feel like he’s got it in the bag…

Joe says after tonight they are both junior MasterChefs. They ask the kids to come take the judges place on the stage. Joe says what they’ve done is powerful because they changed how aspiring kid chefs think about food. Gordon says their performance was so close that the smallest details gave one individual the slightest edge. He says there can only be one winner. He says one will receive $100,000 and holds out the check. Graham has the trophy in his hands. He says the winner is Alexander.

Confetti and hugs prevail as well as applause. Alexander says words can’t describe how he feels. Gordon says Alexander has made history. Gordon tells Dara that it was so close and she was phenomenal. He tells everyone to applaud for her. Dara says she feels like she’s a winner as well. Alexander congratulates her and says he thinks she did an excellent job. He also says this show has demonstrated that kids can cook as well as adult Master Chefs!