Meet Miss France 2013: Marine Lorphelin – CDL Exclusive (Photos)

Meet Miss France 2013: Marine Lorphelin (Photos) 0218

The world has itself a new Miss France and it’s finding that the new head that wears the crown is as secretive as it is accomplished.

Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin, grew up in Mâcon, France and is the daughter of a drum teacher and an HR rep for a fruit juice factory. Marine was extremely athletic during her childhood being a successful track and field star and gymnast. She’s studying medicine at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and hopes to specialize in pediatrics or obstetrics. Intimidated yet? She’s also knowledgeable in English, German and Mandarin. In her climb to the pageant top she first was crowned Miss Saône-et-Loire in 2012 before becoming Miss Burgundy. Delphine Wespiser handed over the reigns of Miss France in December, 2012.

But I know what a lot of you really want to know is whether she’s single or not. Well… sort of. According to our source, Marine is single but very much in love. After having accidentally given out the name Brian”  to pesky reporters she has fielded plenty of questions about a secret, long-distance romance but is trying to stay tight-lipped. Marine and her mystery man met when she was only 16. “It was a Mutual Crush! It was very romantic, we were very happy! These moments with Brian are part of me I will never forget! He came two days per week in France to see me, and I think it is a beautiful proof of love.”

But unfortunately it couldn’t last. Brian’s business took him to California but Marine couldn’t follow because of her studies. She still talks to him on the phone weekly and wears a ring he gave her before he left. “We were too far from each other and it became very difficult, it is the cause of our separation,” Marine said. “I will always love Brian, and I know he loves me too! We told each other our love will last for eternity and we will reunite one day.”

That sounds incredibly romantic and incredibly French. Check out the Marine Lorphelin photos below. Will she stay single for long?

31 responses to “Meet Miss France 2013: Marine Lorphelin – CDL Exclusive (Photos)”

  1. Eyes says:

    He was engaged with Marielle Jaffe when he began his relationship with Marine ! Started relationship in January 2010 . Marine 16 years and Brian P.J Griffin was 26 ! separated from March 2012 .

  2. He’s handsome! I’m from Mâcon! They were cute! People were too jealous!

  3. Poor Marine! They still have contact, i hope they will reunite….

  4. She is so pretty! The best Miss France ever! I hope her vows will be fulfilled! I worked with Brian for my pictoral! He’s nice! Don’t be rude with him!

  5. Mike Split says:

    Lucky Brian! I read that on a Spanish Mag on Mexico! Sad but it’s like that!

  6. She is incredibly beautiful ! Yes this guy is lucky! if she’s really madly in love, I don’t think she will have a new boyfriend!

  7. First thanks CDL for all your awesome article! I’m madlyyyyyyyyyy in love for Miss France 2013! Brian PJ Griffin is the most lucky man in this world! but it should be honest, she will wait for him!

  8. Stunning! im French and i was in the same university as Marine! so I known this story! well written!

  9. Eyes says:

    He’s currently dating Sandra Elizabeth Khorram ! During his relationship with Marine he was with other women!This is not a serious person!

  10. Laura Hugues says:

    Haha it’s funny! I’m his business client! My daughter is friend with Brian and Sandra, she said me he was in relationship with Marine from France, a Beautiful chick! I was shocked when she crowned Miss France. I am sad! Brian is Sincere! YN for Marine, Brian and Sandra!

  11. I love her :D they were too glam together! Let’s marry Marine and Brian ! ???

  12. Randy Lopez says:

    I want her as Miss Universe ! Thanks for the details about this “Brian”! :D

  13. Yummy! He’s the best friend of Jp Marino! I saw him so many times!!! Handsome indeed! Sandra Khorram ? Yep! Marine is hot! I don’t know how their relationship will evolve! Marine Or Sandra ?

  14. He is not crazy! He invited her! if she wants, I marry her!!!!!!!!!

  15. Brian PJ here! and the girl on the left is Marine! I found this on FB!

  16. Great article! By the way He’s in relationship with Sandra Khorram right now!

  17. Jean-Christophe says:

    Mistake, you wrote “Delphine Wespiser”, It’s Marine Lorphelin! Brian and Marine ROCKS together!

  18. Adam Berkeley says:

    UPDATE: I think it will be hard for Marine now, Brian getting married with a caligirl from Anaheim Hills! Sandra!

    • Shella Yost says:

      Right. but more about Brian, he dated the currently miss France, and now he got married with Sandra K. (From Anaheim, CA). He was born in France from French father and Chinese mother (Weird!)! apparently his mother was too young so he was raised by his father in France, he studied in California who he currently lives. He also takes Irvin as a last name for his Grandmother. You can read more information on his business employer website.