Melissa Gorga Accused of Cheating on Her Husband Joe Gorga

Melissa Gorga Accused of Cheating on Her Husband Joe Gorga

Well, a new season of The Real Housewive’s of New Jersey IS filming so I guess we need some advance bad press to make us all want to tune in, right?  In case you are as tired as I am of all the Teresa and Joe Giudice crap, you’ll be happy to know that the latest scandal doesn’t involve them. At least not directly, although I’m sure they are getting their jollies out of it. Melissa Gorga is back in the hot seat. Last season we heard all about how she might have been a stripper eons ago and now sources have crept forward to accuse her of having a long-running affair with her ex-boyfriend, Brian “Bulldog” Bowen.

According to Life & Style magazine a source close to Brian claims that Melissa has been hooking up with Brian on the sly pretty much since the day she married Joe Gorga.  Of course Melissa adamently denies the accusations. She admits that she and Brian had an on/off relationship that spanned several years but she insists that once she met Joe, it was all over with. As for the currrent state of her marriage Melissa says, “This is only making Joe and me stronger. I can’t keep track of all the lies. Everyone is coming for their fifteen minutes.”

Speaking of stress, Kim Kardashian has to be a jangled mess- at least behind closed doors!  Surviving your first pregnancy is never easy since every minute of it is uncharted territory but hers is even more stressful thanks to that messy divorce. It looks like Kris Humphries will make things as hard as possible with no real end in sight. This guy obviously hates what she did to him and how he was represented on television and he’s doing everything to make her pay. Preventing her from making it official with Kanye West has to be crushing and Life & Style has more on the toll that the situation is taking.

Did you know that The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe really is engaged? I guess that final rose ceremony in Thailand had a really good ending for the hottie. Life & Style has m,ore of a teaser on the show that currently runs on ABC so grab a copy to read all about this story and plenty more!

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