Melissa Gorga Confronts the Evil Women Spreading Lies about her Cheating Ways: How’d the Throwdown Pan Out?

Melissa Gorga Confronts the Evil Women Spreading Lies about her Cheating Ways: How'd the Throwdown Pan Out?

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for! Melissa Gorga has been rumored to be cheating on her husband, Joe “Poison” Gorga, for almost 2 years. Tonight she confronts the women who are responsible for spreading these lies.

J-Lo Light’s sister-in-law Teresa Giudice calls her with an invite to the Milania Hair Care launch party. Teresa tells Melissa the women who are talking about her (Penny and Jan) will be in attendance. The women are salon owners carrying Teresa’s hair care line. Teresa tells J-Lo Light she will back her up if she wants to confront them. Melissa agrees to attend the party and Poison says he wants to come, too.

Jan and Penny immediately talk badly about Melissa as she enters the event. Jan wastes no time being a bitch, walking up to Teresa to congratulate her on the new hair care line while ignoring Melissa and Poison. Then Jan says to J-Lo Light “Melissa, did you want to say something?” Melissa is a little hesitant and then just goes for it. Jan keeps insisting Melissa is a cheater, saying it in front of Poison and Teresa. Jan, however, does not back up her claims. She just says she was with Melissa when it happened.

Next, Penny takes her turn to congratulate Teresa. She acknowledges Melissa’s presence but doesn’t try to talk to her or Poison. J-Lo Light, feeling more confident, lays right into Penny. This woman is really taken aback by Melissa. Penny says she was asked to comment on something and that’s how she became involved in the cheating scandal. Melissa presses her for the name of the person behind the Life and Style article but Penny won’t give the name.

Melissa is rightfully frustrated. She is still suspicious of Teresa being involved in spreading horrible rumors and she didn’t get the answers she was looking for. Also, Teresa was standing by Melissa physically, but she wasn’t’ sure when or how to speak up for J-Lo Light. Teresa says in her talking head she will step in if her name is mentioned. One thing she did learn at the event is Teresa was not behind the cheating rumors. Teresa said to Penny “Are we friends?” and Penny said they are just acquaintances. This is a little bit of proof Teresa is not getting a friend to do her dirty work. Jan also does not implicate Teresa in spreading the cheating rumors.

The other highlight of this episode is we see the family plan another trip together. Poison wants to do something special for Melissa’s birthday. While at a cigar bar with Chris Laurita and Rich Wakile he brings up the subject to get some suggestions. Chris suggests a trip to a spa in Arizona. Poison loves the idea and invites the others to join. He also says he wants to invite Teresa and her husband Juicy Joe Giudice. Everyone agrees it’s a great idea. The invite is formally given to all of the couples over dinner. Poison is genuinely excited about his sister coming on the trip. The siblings worked very hard to rebuild their relationship and he wants to run with it.

Also in this episode we see Kathy Wakile and another of her awful hats finally stand up to Rich. They are in a cannoli business together but he does not treat her like an equal partner. Also, Lauren Manzo has decided she no longer wants to get engaged to her long time boyfriend, Vito. She feels now that she has her own business to focus on getting married is secondary. I thought there was going to be a big argument at dinner because Vito says “After 3 years you have the cajones to say no?” Lauren shrugs off his question and they continue their dinner. It was a big let down that both couples didn’t get into it.

Next week’s episode we see all 5 couples relaxing at the spa in Arizona.

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