Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Separated: Couple Announce Official Separation In People Magazine

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Separated: Couple Announce Separation In People Magazine

So it’s totally inappropriate for me to say that we told you so, but I’ll gently point out that we have been telling you guys about the demise of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones’ marriage for nearly a month now. The last time the couple was spotted walking a red carpet together was back on April 22nd and now according to the Sept. 9th print edition of People Magazine the have indeed decided to take a break and separate.

No legal separation or divorce papers have been filed as of yet but the two clearly realize that the relationship is simply not working. In the past three years Michael and Catherine have weathered his cancer battle and her ongoing issues with bipolar disorder and that’s just a whole lot of stress for any marriage to handle. Michael has also lashed out saying that his throat cancer was caused by having oral sex and coming into contact with a strain of HPV that causes cancer. Sources close to the actor claimed it was a direct swipe at his wife and that clear cut resentment has built up because of the medical crisis.

Catherine is also rumored to struggle with with booze when stressed and that triggers her manic episodes. Michael seemed to handle her mental issues in stride but couldn’t tolerate the fact that she purposely drank knowing full well it would make her unstable. According to People Michael is vacationing off the coast of Sardini while Catherine is at home in New York. Both took individual vacations with their two children over the summer and claim that they will work together to put their children first. I’m not sure how that part will shake out as we’re already hearing rumblings of a major custody battle brewing. Are you shocked to see this couple crumble? Didn’t we all kind of think they were one of the few that might make it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!