Miley Cyrus Breaks Up With Liam Hemsworth Over Secret Affair With January Jones? (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus Furious Over Liam Hemsworth's Secret Affair With January Jones! (PHOTO)

Yesterday, we were shocked to see a photo of Liam Hemsworth—you know, that guy who has been dating Miley Cyrus for like ever and proposed last year—in a car with a mysterious blonde! It gets weirder! In the grainy pic, it looks like Liam is reaching to touch her face . . . or maybe grab something further south? What is his arm doing over there? This news comes a month after Miley referred to him as her husband during a cover story for Cosmopolitan, leading many to wonder if the two have secretly married. After the story was published, Liam and his rep insisted they had yet to wed! We chalked it up to bubbly Miley and a spiritual—but not yet legal—marriage, but now we have to ask the question: is Miley cheating?

The owner of the photos identified the mystery woman as January Jones, who happened to be at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood at the same time! No sign of Miley! So what were the two doing out together—and why did they carpool! January caused great scandal in 2011 by giving birth . . . but refusing to name the father of the baby! Then, people were shocked and disgusted (though I’m all for it!) to learn that she encapsulated her placenta to help with postpartum depression. All that to say: January is no stranger to controversy! While I don’t see her as the home wrecking cougar type, the pictures are pretty damning! Unless they are preparing for an upcoming film or something, I don’t see why they’d be out on the town together! And if it was a working dinner, why didn’t Miley tag along? Is she still mad that Liam has been blabbing sex stories to his brother? I hate to cry wolf, but it’s all quite suspicious! What do you make of these strange snapshots? Should we be worried about Miley and Liam, or is this all innocent?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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5 responses to “Miley Cyrus Breaks Up With Liam Hemsworth Over Secret Affair With January Jones? (PHOTOS)”

  1. Josie says:

    The arm reaching across clearly belongs to the guy driving the car, dumbass. Other than that, it’s two people sharing a car ride. Hardly the most scandelous behavior ever.

  2. meow says:

    he couldn’t deal with being with a crazy, ugly chick and wanted a real woman. who can blame him???

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