Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Wedding Cancelled If Billy Ray Cyrus Gets His Way – He Hates Liam The Cheater

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Wedding Cancelled If Billy Ray Cyrus Gets His Way - He Hates Liam The Cheater

We have been hearing lots about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth over the past few weeks. He supposedly hooked up with January Jones at Oscar time and it could easily have been a relationship ending mistake on his part. Liam and Miley have spent a lot of the past month apart, with him hanging in Australia as she battled the paparazzi alone in L.A.  Miley has insisted that they’re together and the wedding is on, but she hasn’t exactly been carrying herself like all is well in paradise.

Sources close to the couple have confirmed that there are some huge problems to be worked on and that the young couple is trying to do just that. According to the April 8th print edition of The National Enquirer Miley’s father is one of those people NOT pulling for a reconciliation. In fact Billy Ray Cyrus hates Liam and has told Miley that if she goes through with the wedding he’s not attending. He firmly believes that Liam initially used Miley to help him gain fame in the U.S.  On top of that Billy Ray feels that Liam is completely disrespectful to Miley and he flirts with other women right in front of her.

Obviously, at least as of now, Miley is not taking her fathers advice. She can’t let go of Liam or the idea of the life that they were supposed to have together Instead of being strong enough to kick him to the curb she’s trying to tweak and change herself into exactly what he wants her to be. I guess this is where her inexperience comes in because an older woman would realize that that ploy never works. If she lives a life that Liam approves of she’ll be miserable anyway. It’s pretty clear that these two have just really drifted and grown apart. Should they end it now and move on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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9 responses to “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Wedding Cancelled If Billy Ray Cyrus Gets His Way – He Hates Liam The Cheater”

  1. earsucker says:

    I think Billy Ray might be right, but she does seem to care about him….They’ll get married and he’ll go because Miley has the purse-strings…

    • LIAM HEMSWORTH, has too much to prove here,we’ll have to see about his cheating ways, or if he s really a cheater & cannot control himself, then if he truly loves MILEY CYRUS, he should leave MILEY rather giving MILEY so much pain if they do marry, because no matter how he will hide his cheating ways, it will come out in the open one way or another and he will lost face and dignity onceagain as well the pain he will serve to many people. Remember, nobody can hide in hollywood, everything will be expose one way or another,,, as everybody is watching in hollywood…

    • Well, i don’t believe that because i think Billy Ray has money too, besides Billy Ray cares so much for the happiness of Miley,moneyor no money as he loves his daughter.

  2. disqus_oOhki0CngS says:

    I think Billy ray is right . Liam is so not right for her miley do the right thing.

  3. rawr says:

    miley isn’t any prize either…..he could do better.

    • But…@miey cyrus is not a cheater, & that my friend, i would choose a find quality prize anytime,anywhere besides MILEY CYRUS IS A PURE TALENTand no question about that…

  4. Maria Martinez says:

    You know, I’m no fan of Miley at all but I feel bad for her. If the article is true and she’s trying to change to please him and make him happy, she is just lying to herself. She should be who she is and only change for herself and not for other people. If he loves her, he will have to accept her for who she is. That is an important part of loving someone, accepting them for who they are.

  5. I think billy ray is Right!!!! Liam is not right for her I’ve always hated him from the very Beginning of all this
    I’m pretty sure he’ll get his way & convince Miley to end this crap like now….

  6. Even if she doesn’t!!! Like who cares about what she says I agree with her father

    I hope he will Put some fear in her

    Like take away her fame