Miley Cyrus Gets Second Boob Job (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Gets Second Boob Job (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus has apparently gotten a boob job – twice! Call me naive, but I actually just thought that she had come into her own and developed her curves through puberty. I guess it is odd that she has lost so much weight over the last few years, yet her boobs never went down in size.

According to an interview with Famous magazine, Miley’s reason for getting that second boob job was because she ‘felt like a boy‘. Um, then what was the first one for?

There are many celebrities who get multiple boob jobs, usually when they don’t want the public to notice the increase in the size of their boobs. Due the gradual increase over time, the speculation isn’t as virulent. In Miley’s case, there were a few odd mutterings here and there over the past few years about the possibility of her getting a breast enhancement, but they were dismissed pretty quickly when people claimed it was puberty and weight gain.

Alas, with her newly skinny and toned body, it’s actually obvious that she got that second boob job – but it’s also quite sad that she felt that she had to get it because she resembled a boy. Our society is responsible for some twisted body ideals in young girls, and here’s a perfect example of that. Because she toned up her body and got healthy, and thereby lost weight on her chest, she felt like a boy?

I wonder if Liam Hemsworth knew about this, and if he did, what he thought of it. He’s not opposed to plastic surgery, obviously, considering his new girlfriend [Eiza Gonzalez] is the recipient of a face do-over thanks to it. But a boob job? It just goes to show that all of Miley’s recent shenanigans have stemmed from a place of deep insecurity, and I hope she resolves them before she does something else that is irreversible.

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