Mob Wives Karen Gravano Cut From Series: Mafia Conspires to Punish Her for Dad Sammy “The Bull” Gravano

Mob Wives Karen Gravano Cut From Series: Mafia Conspires to Punish Her for Dad Sammy "The Bull" Gravano

You didn’t think that the tangled Mafia web that helped to weave the reality show Mob Wives on VH1 was going to stay uncomplicated, did you? It’s amazing that they’ve gotten three seasons out of these chicks without running into a serious problem! As season four approaches finally some of the inner drama has led to Karen Gravano being kicked to the curb.

Why you ask? Well it all ties into Edward “Tall Guy” Garofolo who is currently cooling his jets in federal prison after pleading guilty last year to murder conspiracy. He will only be featured on the new season of Mob Wives via phone calls to his wife, Alicia DiMichele but he still seems to carry a lot of weight with producer, Jennifer Graziano according to Richard Johnson for Page Six.

On the inside, Tall Guy is known for his powers of persuasion and he has personal family beef with Karen’s father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano as his father was one of his many victims. Of course Sammy is a famous mob turncoat rat who betrayed his partners and friends by cooperating with law enforcement.

If you’ve watched the show you’ve watched Karen try and fail to fit in. She has insisted on mingling with a bunch of women that believe that she is the lowest form of life thanks to her blood relation to the biggest rat in mob history. Karen would be wiser to just walk away and attempt to start a different kind of life far from these ladies and it seems that the producers agree. They’re making it a bit easier for Karen to contemplate it at least because once Mob Wives returns in January Karen will be missing from the cast. Rumor has it that in order for Graziano to keep Tall Guy and his wife on board she had to cut the snitch’s daughter from the cast.

Will you miss Karen when the new season returns? Doesn’t she seem like a total glutton for punishment the way that she desperately wants acceptance from the one group that will never in a million years give it to her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Janet Branch

    I can’t stand Karen, never have. She is a try hard. Here is a woman who has melt downs about her daughter not wanting to be uprooted from her life after she deserted her in the first place to try and seek fame with the show and her book. She then wants to snap her fingers when she is ready to be a mother again and expects everyone, her daughter, husband to just fall back into place. Selfish!!! She thinks she is hard core and she is not.

    • Janet Stone

      These days money is hard to come by. You Got To Chase it. So…she did. Any single mom would do the same to ensure more for their kids. She comes from blood that does what they must do to survive…period! When her Italian ancestors moved to the USA via New York, they were treated as peasants. So from that came the need to push to overcome and be recognized as a functioning part of society. They are FIGHTERS…SURVIVORS!

  • Karen Mallory

    Karen was the only face we knew and the only one from an recognizable authentic Mob Family, are you kidding?
    Nobody knows these other girls.
    We only know John Gotti , and Sammy the Bull, after that these people are not worth watching.
    Get Victoria Gotti , and Karen Gravano on a show.

  • Brenda P.

    Who’s more interesting than Karen Gravano?
    These are nobodies and Johnny come-lately’s.

  • Brenda P.

    Karen Gravano is authentic.
    We don’t know theses girls

  • Brenda P.

    Got rid of the only famous mob connected person on the show. These other people are :
    Really! …………….. no one cares.

  • bigmama shoe

    I like Karen she was one of the people I like the most it a shame that they cut her from the show. I guesses we will see how these new so call new blood will be? bad decisions hope they change their mind and bring her back.

  • LoveTheLord

    This author states that Karen tried to “fit” in with these women on MObWIves…if anything …she’s the real deal!!! and the other’s try to fit into her world!!! and the new girl, Alicia is going to prison along w/ her hubby Garofolo…!

  • Me

    If you watched the show you would know that’s exactly what Karen did! I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave my kids!

  • Cassandra

    this comment is for the producer jennifer grazino i feel it was one of the most stupid things you could have done by removing karen you lost more then half of your fan base. Karen made the show successful, made it to where you wanted to watch every week. i dont care who alishias husband is eddie “tall guy” shoulda been eddie “the fat guy” alishia is soooo boring and looks burnt. If you were concerned about ratings then the smart thing to do would be to invite Karen back on the show, shes a true gangster!!!

  • Delphine

    John Gotti’s mouth is what put him in prison. Sammy just did what he had to do under the circumstances. As you say he beat Gotti to the punch. I gotta’ love Sammy for not being stupid.

  • Janet Stone

    She’s baaaaaaack! Yay !