Nina Dobrev Forbids Ian Somerhalder From Doing Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Without Her

Nina Dobrev Forbids Ian Somerhalder From Doing Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Without Her

Nina Dobrev has finally gone off the deep end. Sources say she tried to lay down the law with on again off again boyfriend Ian Somerhalder.  Ian isn’t allowed to do the steamy and nearly NC-17 “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie. Any female can understand her dilemma. She doesn’t want her man, covered only by a sock, dry humping an actress covered by strips of tape. That’s why she believes she should be his leading lady. But here’s the thing. Ian doesn’t like to be limited. That’s why he flew out of New York right around the time she flew into it.

It’s not like their relationship is stable. They constantly spend months out of each other’s company and it’s not always because of work. It was this last March that Ian was seen globe trotting meanwhile Nina stayed home. Their romance did pick up  back again in April but I bet someone is still feeling insecure.  The number one cure for that is to back off before you hit the clingy stage. Oh wait, too late. Ian lives with and works with her. Their hit show is shot over a course of several months. Did she never care to think the reason they’re always breaking up because it’s the only downtime he has away from her.

Nina Dobrev Forbids Ian Somerhalder From Doing Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Without Her

It especially doesn’t help when all the “Vampire Diaries” fans start sending in YouTube videos of Nina and Ian playing Christian and Anastasia. FYI, you’re the problem not the solution. That was what went wrong with Kristen and Rob. Put too much pressure for real people to live up to their characters and Ian could find himself under his very own badly aged director.

Ian would make a great Christian Grey but he won’t sign on if Nina’s there. Still, it’s OK. I was rooting for Henry Cavill anyway!

11 responses to “Nina Dobrev Forbids Ian Somerhalder From Doing Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Without Her”

  1. imane says:

    OMG LOOOOOL that is the funniest thing i’v ever herd lool im sure its not true thou

  2. sara says:

    Oh my god this article is hilarious and a lie. If Ian is casted as a Gray he will do it in fact he has a meeting soon,and this nian relationship is a lie too.This relationship is mostly publicity and fanservice, is about pleasing to some fans.. cast,family they know that they have to make the most of this period of time..everything is business.Ian & Nina do their very own thing and they dont care if people think that they are very much in love, the reality is another in fact they are having fun with another people. When the time is right they will give a poorly excuse and say we are done and still friends,when the reality is that their relationship was everything except love.

  3. Guest says:

    lmfaoo the funny thing is that you ppl lie about everything that noone gives a damn bout what u say. First off get a real story stop making shit up. they r together never broke up. there together ten months out of the year 24/7 cus of vampire diaries honestly I was doing a gurls day w my peeps instead of having w my bf again.! the need a break they see eachother nonstop esp. since they live together. but im sure they text call each other all the time. N when they need to see eachother they meet up again and thats when you see piccs of them so nice try lmfaooo

    • Amber says:

      The fans of this couple are so scared to see actually the truth and what they think it is not the truth. Ian is so devoted to Nina, that all the girls are his publicist. Exactly they only see each other working, other than that nothing. They do no live together trust me in fact friends and family of theirs have a good laugh reading your theories. They are single and in their free time they do what they want. They are milking this fake relationship as much as they can, producers of the show and costars know the reality. But well there will be a time when the truth will come out and you will look back and you will realise that what they had were not romantic feelings. When Ian is really in love, won´t have a problem confiming it, and will spend time with her, dispite his work.

  4. Maria says:

    seriously? this article is plain stupidity. Let them be. Ian is a great guy and should be respected. But what do you know about respect and politism?

  5. Carolina Caballes says:

    This article is a piece of sh*t. I regret opening this one.

  6. Nikki says:

    This website cracks me up with their fake stories. Anyone would know, Nina has PUBLICLY supported Ian’s interest in Fifty Shades and said she doesn’t want to costar in the film together because, rightfully so, people would see them as their Vampire Diaries alter egos and not new characters. Also, there hasn’t been any sign of “trouble in paradise” with these two. They are both busy, so yes, sometimes they are not always in the same place, but that can be said of any celebrity or noncelebrity couples with careers and passions. IF they were to break up or split, this website would be the LAST source I’d believe.

  7. isha says:

    And i presume an angel came down with the revelations…huh? you are living upto your dirty name of writing baseless,meaningless,pointless&false pieces of unnecessary news…Leave Nina and Ian alone,they are professional people,they won’t interfere in each other’s work..and we fans won’t put any pressure on them if they decide to go their separate ways,we just would wish them luck always in everything they do&in their personal lives…So don’t make up stories just for the heck of it…Thank you!

  8. Vessy says:

    This site always makes things up. Check you sources idiots. In this economy you are giving jobs to people who do nothing but lie. Shame on you!

  9. You know what’s really funny? All you little Delena fans will never believe that they actually broke up until you see one of them with another person.If they did break up then it was only a matter of time because she’s always out showing off at some red carpet event and he’s always off trying to be a good humanitarian by helping animals and the earth’s quality with his foundation so just deal with it ladies! They’re human just like us and just because they both star on a popular show and they looked good together doesn’t mean they’re perfect for each other and they’ll be together forever!!

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