North West NOT Kanye West’s Daughter? Reports Say Nori Doesn’t Look Like Kanye At All – Suggest DNA Test Needed!

North West Not Kanye West's Daughter? Reports Say Nori Doesn't Look Like Kanye At All - Suggest DNA Test Required!

North West‘s first public outing was to the funeral of Kanye West‘s grandfather, and while no outlets have clear images of her face [conspiracy?], the appearance has caused a lot of supposed ‘sources’ to speak out about their first glimpse of the baby.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner for finding the one way to get people talking about North without actually showing her face. Is it any wonder they are as famous as they are? They are masters of media manipulation.

Anyway, ‘sources’ [we see you Kris] have told Radar Online that the baby looks ‘olive-skinned’ and beautiful. A source explained, “Kim held North close to her but gave guests a glance at the baby, who was dressed in white with cute pink shoes on. She’s got a head full of hair and a beautiful olive skin tone. She looks like Mason did when he was a baby. They even have the same eyebrows!”

Of course, Media Take Out is already speculating that according to the descriptions, North doesn’t seem to look very much like her father at all. MTO says “[Nori] didn’t look black at all….” I think it’s way too soon to tell, and I don’t see how using the ‘olive-skinned’ descriptor is enough to say that she doesn’t look like Kanye. Also, considering that she’s only two months old, her looks are bound to change a lot over the next few months, and that’s not even looking at the next few years.

However, I can totally see what the reports are trying to suggest by saying that North looks exactly like Mason. I’ve been wondering what’s been taking the tabloids so long to hint at a Kim and Scott Disick romance, and it looks like they’ve finally arrived.

What do you guys think about the description of North West? Let us know in the comments.

North West Kanye West's Daughter? Reports Say Nori Doesn't Look Like Kanye At All - Suggest DNA Test Needed!

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  • allie

    Which would explain why she hasn’t sold her baby’s photos. Wouldn’t this just beat all?

  • Angel 2009

    The baby’s skin color will change as she gets older (typical with black offspring) but wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this is NOT Kanye’s kid. He needs to demand a paternity test ASAP!

  • twelfthnight

    Kanye is one of the most unattractive men in music. I would be thanking the heavens if I procreated with Kanye, had a DAUGHTER and it didn’t come out looking like him.

    Imagine how ugly a little girl with Kanye’s face would be.