O.J. Simpson Parole Granted – Sentence Cut Down To 4 More Years In Jail!

O.J. Simpson Prison Parole Granted - Sentence Cut Down To 4 More Years In Jail!

O.J. Simpson a model citizen? That is not something most people think about the former football player but as it turns out behind bars he has been a model prisoner. His good behavior has even earned him some brownie points, which will result in his time behind bars being cut down.

The Nevada Parole Board approved a request that will grant Simpson parole but don’t expect to see him out and about on the street anytime soon. He may have been granted release but it won’t be happening for years, 4 to be exact.  During the hearing he of course was all sorry for what he did, claiming he wishes he never went to the room. That and he should have just let the trophy stay where is was, blah blah blah.

Of course he is going to say he shouldn’t have done it he is looking to get parole, hello. I mean really what he is going to say “I am glad I did and would do it again”, don’t think so. His sch-peel clearly worked though because in a matter of years he will be back out in society. However should the retrial his attorney is asking for be allowed, then he could be out sooner.

It could very well be true that OJ is a changed man and he was a model prisoner, I don’t know. He served his time for this crime, so he deserves to be free. As for his other crimes, well he one day will have to answer for those. Personally I could care less about the guy or what happens to hm but no doubt that news of his impending parole will have many people up in arms.

What are your thoughts on the news at Simpson will be a free man soon. Tell us what you think in the below comments section.

  • allie

    ugh, I was hoping they would keep him forever