Paris Jackson Cutting and Death Obsession – Long Recovery Anticipated (Photos)

Paris Jackson Cutting and Death Obsession - Long Recovery Anticipated (Photos)

It looks like anyone claiming that Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt earlier this month was simply a teenage girl looking for attention needs to back it up and take a closer look. Thankfully, her family is not blowing this off as no big deal but instead they think that Paris most definitely did want to die when she sliced her wrist. The bandages were recently removed and according to TMZ, her Jackson Family was absolutely horrified. Those cuts were made with determination and they weren’t the least bit superficial.

I’m not sure how much of Paris’ online activity has been monitored by family (I’m guessing none) but if they had kept an eye on her Tumblr page then they would have seen a girl knee-deep in a battle with herself. The majority of her postings revolve around cutting, which is thought to be an extreme outlet for someone that just doesn’t no how to verbalize the load of pain that they have internalized. Paris certainly fits that description to the letter. Between Debbie Rowe’s abandonment, Michael Jackson’s death and then the constant drama surrounding the Jackson family, well, this girl is on non-stop overload.

Her Tumblr postings have flip flopped between seeing cutting as a form of relief, to anti-cutting messages intended to encourage her followers. That shows that the 15-year old has basically been at war with herself for quite a long time. She is currently at UCLA Medical Center and is expected to be transferred to a more specialized treatment center soon. She could be there for 3 months at least, undergoing intensive therapy, in spite of herself. Paris is said to be resisting the idea of therapy but that’s likely to be because she fears having to deal with the emotional pain that has caused her to cut in the first place.

Do you think Paris will eventually deal with her demons and come home from this horrible ordeal in a much better emotional space? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Instagram