Paris Jackson Back On Twitter: Healthy, Happy and Well! But Debbie Rowe Wants to Sue! (PHOTOS)

Paris Jackson Back On Twitter: Healthy, Happy and Well! But Debbie Rowe Wants to Sue! (PHOTOS)

The Jackson family doesn’t have hearts made of railroad iron after all. After Randy Jackson blasted the family on twitter for keeping Michael Jackson’s only daughter held hostage in a psychiatric ward, Paris Jackson is back on the scene. The first pictures of the international trust fund trophy, show a healthier, and seemingly happier, Paris.

Just a few months after the gorgeous teen’s attempt at suicide using a meat cleaver to the wrist, Michael’s daughter is noticeably on the road to recovery. RadarOnline obtained exclusive photos of Paris graduating from her treatment facility. “Frankie” is the name she used to seek pure unbiased therapy. The pictures that were likely sold, and submitted to Radar by a member of the Jackson crew, surely boast hope that PJ won the battle against her wealthy demons.

Paris was high in spirits,” an onlooker told Radar. “Paris wanted to come into the school without fanfare, so she decided to change her name, to Frankie, she also dyed her hair. Some students still know who she is, but overall, most don’t. She’s just another girl from Los Angeles named Frankie. In many ways, it’s a new life for Paris.

“Like every school, this venue has a curriculum that students undertake,” the insider said. “The students also undergo group therapy and one-on-one sessions with therapists each day. She has been doing very well. She is very high in spirits.”

She hasn’t sailed through this crisis but she is doing much better and with the help of those around her at the school, she’s on the mend. Paris is relieved she survived the suicide attempt. She really did cheat death. Still, she has a long way yet to go in processing her dad’s death. She still misses her dad tremendously. He lit up her life.”

The Jackson family thinks it’s a good idea for Paris to stay out of the limelight, and off social networking sites. The insults thrown her way are painful. She’s just a kid. We’re certain Paris isn’t the kind of gal who would let a few bullies, stop her shine though. Certainly it’s painful going anywhere you’d like, buying anything you want, with all your less pretty friends, in the back of a May Bach or Rolls Royce. They can’t hide her forever, and she can’t wash away her celebrity.

Adding fuel to the fire, Paris’ picture ended up on twitter. Debbie Rowe’s clique is telling TMZ, “These people, including some websites, are screwing with my daughter’s ability to get better.” They say Debbie is livid, and plans to sue! But here is the irony – in case you missed it – the same Debbie Rowe who wants to sue over some harmless happy pics being sold and winding up on the net SOLD HER OWN DAUGHTER!!  STFU Debbie!

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