Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow Walker: A Memory and Reaction to a Tragic Death

Paul Walker's Daughter, Meadow Walker: A Memory and Reaction to a Tragic Death

It is with a heavy heart that I report that actor Paul Walker died in a car crash on Saturday November 30th in Southern California. Paul was a passenger in a car that appears to have lost control and careened into a tree, engulfing it in flames.

He is survived by his daughter Meadow Walker who is now 15 and had moved from Hawaii to California to be closer to her father. When I had the privilege of meeting Paul, Meadow was just a little girl no older than 7 years old, and you could tell how proud he was of her. He brought her and her mother – his ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain – to a resort in Kahala that I worked at on a number of occasions to hang out by the pool and beach.

Paul was obviously a handsome man, but to see him in person interacting with his family was to realize what a gentleman and kind person he was. I was pretty young then myself but I remember being inspired at how Paul and Rebecca – who were no longer a couple – were not just civil but loving to each other but made it a point to give their daughter a great day and a great memory. It was clear that she was their world and all that mattered. It inspired me then and it inspires me now.

Paul Walker's Daughter, Meadow Walker: A Memory and Reaction to a Tragic Death

Two years ago Paul spoke to People Magazine, and expressed the sentiments of most parents when he said it was hard seeing his little girl growing up so fast. He was excited for the future but missed the days when she was just a wide eye little girl wanting to play Barbies. My heart goes out to Meadow who lost her loving father, but I hope she carries with her the love he obviously felt for her and finds peace at this difficult time.

Update: reports are out that Meadow witnessed the fatal crash of her dad and the driver, his close friend Roger Rodas.  This tragic event is something no child should ever see.

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  • SpringBeauty

    What a nice article and remembrance. Very sad for his loved ones…

  • DJinn

    A man of God will be missed.

  • Brenda Holt

    that was a nice rememberance and heartfelt

  • Barbara

    Just Heart Breaking…. I keep praying that it’s just a hoax, but I guess it’s true! I always told everyone that Paul Walker is my Hollywood Husband and that I’m just loaning him out but he is to be returned to me after their done with all his movies! I just love him bunches… this is heart breaking for me, and I could only imagine for his daughter, and loved ones! May he walk side by side with GOD, and fly high & fast with the Angels….. R.I.P & GOD SPEED Paul ; )

  • michelle

    i hope she finds this and reads this. rip paul walker.

  • Barbara


  • TVS

    My thoughts go out to Meadow Walker. I served Paul Walker and Meadow coffee once while working at Starbucks in Kahala, and I was taken aback at how soft spoken and down to earth they were. They drank their drinks at one of our tables all while constantly engaged in conversation. Seemed like a very loving and happy father.

    • julie.zelko

      Agreed! Soft spoken and down to earth are the perfect words to describe Paul – and his families – demeanor. I meant it when I said I was inspired – then and now – by watching them interact as a family. Such a tragedy all the way around.

  • MargieAtPolitiChicks

    Thank you for sharing that, Julie. His family went to church with a family in our ward for years. We’ve been told they’re wonderful people. So sad for them.
    BTW, my husband is from Oahu.

    • julie.zelko

      Just so shocking – it is especially hard when someone is so young with so much life left to live. I cannot get the image of him and his family playing at the pool out of my mind and it breaks my heart. Definitely thinking of his family at this time.
      P.S. That is so cool that your hubby is from Oahu I don’t live their anymore but was just their last week – such a beautiful Island :)

  • jeannette santos

    Wonderful article! RIP Paul Walker. Praying for his family!

  • julie.zelko

    You are not alone … learning this news made me want to cry too. He truly was lovely and he will be missed by many. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  • julie.zelko

    Take it easy… there is better – more civil – ways to point out an error.

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  • julie.zelko

    No not personally – but back in 2004-2005 he and his ex-girlfriend would bring their daughter to the Resort I worked at in Kahala in Oahu to hang out for the day to play at the beach and pool – so I met them that way at the beach and pool – and I wasn’t just struck by his good looks but by how he was such a down to earth and gentle guy who obviously thought the world of his daughter. I was also impressed that although he was no longer with Rebecca they could spend the day hanging out together to give their daughter a positive experience and memories of hanging out with both parents :)

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