Phil Robertson Called a Pedophile by Americans Against the Tea Party: Duck Dynasty Star Accused of Pedophilia (VIDEO)

Phil Robertson Called a Pedophile by Americans Against the Tea Party: Duck Dynasty Star Accused of Pedophilia (VIDEO)

It looks like A&E may have jumped the gun by lifting Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty, because Phil is now facing much more serious accusations. A lot of people were not impressed when A&E lifted Phil’s suspension, especially the Liberal Group “Americans Against The Tea Party.” The AATTP has launched a full-on smear campaign against Phil Robertson, and are accusing him of being a pedophile. Yikes! That is a serious accusation!

A video has surfaced of Phil giving a speech in Georgia back in 2009 at the Sportsmen’s Ministry. In the video Phil states, “Look, you wait ‘til they get to be twenty years-old and the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket. You got to marry these girls when they’re about fifteen or sixteen and they’ll pick your ducks.”

At no point is Phil encouraging fifty year old men to go marry fifteen year old girls. He is simply stating that when couples marry younger, they have a better chance of staying together. Whether Phil’s logic is right or wrong, is a whole different argument. But, nothing he said is grounds for him to be called a pedophile. That is a serious accusation. Accusing a man of being a pedophile can have serious consequences. Pedophiles are adults that violate and sexually abuse young children, if you are going to accuse someone of that, you better have some proof. A video of Phil Robertson stating that he believes in tying the knot when you are young, is not grounds for being called a pedophile.

Do you think the accusations against Phil have merit? Or is the AATTP just bitter that his suspension was lifted and intentionally slandering the Duck Dynasty star?

  • HollywoodHiccups

    He is seriously creepy.

  • TouristMeetsTraveler

    I would never let that man near my daughter, he is too creepy!

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  • I don’t even understand this whole big mess.

  • jody

    We are pleased that John at AATTP was able to learn from CDL’s talented reporter, Amanda, that there is no evidence that Phil is a pedophile. John showed serious journalistic integrity in correcting his mistake in his followup post – mind you we could have done without the snide remarks about Amanda and her posting.

    The entire enterprise of taking down old Mr. Duck because he won’t walk and talk the PC line and makes offensive statements is somewhat outside of our bailiwick here at CDL – after all we do entertainment, gossip, TV, etc., so this is an infrequent crossover for us.

    • My mistake? I was not the writer of the original, nor is Amanda talented.

      • jody

        Well John I don’t think that a blogger such as yourself, incapable of anything but ad hominem argument, is qualified to judge talent of any kind.

      • jody

        and John – the article on your site had your name listed as the author until that was changed – so yes – your mistake.

        • Trust me, I read it as soon as it was published.

    • Is the rag mag’s official stance that Robertson’s remarks are justified? He’s not “refusing to tow the PC line.” He’s making horrifying remarks about…pretty much everything.

      • jody

        Hey John Prager – I’m delighted that you make time to comment here on CDL – it’s rewarding to see that our work has helped you. Glad we can number you amongst our millions of readers.

  • pianoman

    This is MUCH worse then simple pedophilia. This is the perfect example of the deep rooted ideal that woman are possessions to be controlled, and trained, in the proper way to behave from a young age that is prevalent in many ultra right-wing fringe churches. What Phil is saying is basically a backwater version of the lessons taught by Warren Jeff’s to the men of the FLDS Church.

  • Pattielaine

    As time goes on, you’ll hear more ridiculous and hypocritical things come out of their mouths. People like him who preach the Bible, are real sickos.