Phil Spector’s Tortured Life In Prison Exposed

Phil Spector’s Tortured Life In Prison Exposed

At the high point in his life, Phil Spector was known as a musical genius that was the mind and motivation behind several legendary hits. Even then he was a known recluse, hiding out in an 8 bedroom estate known as Pyrenees Castle where he accepted few visitors. That was before the property became a murder scene and Phil was convicted in 2009 for shooting Lana Clarkson in the mouth. The injury proved fatal to the 40-year old blonde model.

These days Phil is serving 19 years to life at a central California prison and he is just as reclusive there. GLOBE, Print Editon, February 25, reports that the staff there says he is a broken, embarrassed man that chooses to stay in his cell which he shares with a roommate, rather than spend much time in the prison yard. The 72-year old high school dropout is forced by prison rules to study to obtain his GED, something that’s a further hit to his ego.

Phil takes very few visitors and absolutely refused to talk to HBO producers that have decided to air a flick based on his life. Al Paccino has been cast as a tweaked out version of Phil and the film is set to air on HBO on March 24th.  Phil didn’t want to talk to anyone involved in the production and because of that it is rumored to have a lot of inconsistencies. Phil isn’t considering it to be an accurate portrayal because it simply isn’t what happened.

Phil basically has been handed a life sentence because even if he only serves 19 years he’ll still be pushing 100- that’s if he’s still even alive. Do you think that at this point the man really cares what the public thinks? I mean, he’s locked up and denies most visitors so it’s not like he’ll ever have to answer for how HBO portrays him. Also Phil will probably never even see it because the prison that houses him doesn’t get the pay channel!

Will you be watching the movie when it airs? Did you follow Phil’s case? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Phil Spector suffered very serious brain injuries in 1974: “Biographer Dave Thompson, revealed that in 1974 Spector was seriously injured when he was thrown through the windshield of his car in a crash in Hollywood. According to a contemporary report published in the New Musical Express, Spector was almost killed, and it was only because the attending police officer detected a faint pulse that Spector was not declared dead at the scene. He was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center on the night of March 31, 1974, suffering serious head injuries which necessitated several hours of surgery with over 300 stitches to his face and more than 400 to the back of his head. His head injuries, Thompson suggests, were the reason that Spector began his habit of wearing outlandish wigs in later years.” I think that any judgement of Spector needs to take this brain injury and damage into account.  I’m not saying that Spector is not guilty of murder but I am saying that arguments can be made that he shouldn’t bear full responsibility for his actions.

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  • I never believed that Phil was guilty. I watched the original trial and read transcripts every night. Phil was weird to most and this made him an easy target and a scape goat.

    There are a couple things I would like to say about the evidence. The first is a piece of evidence that was not permitted to be submitted at the trial. It was a audio recording of Phil immediately following his arrest. It was briefly posted on the Internet and I listened to it. Phil was screaming but in his distraught state he sounded very believable. If the jury had heard this they might have had second thoughts about a guilty verdict.

    This got kept out of the trial by a piece of “lying cop” evidence. Phil’s defense attorneys were forced to give it up to keep the cop’s false testimony out of the trial. It was a bad deal and may have sent Phil to prison.

    But the other point was never pursued by the defense aggressively. Ms. Clarkston died from a gun shot fired from a gun in her mouth. There were no external wounds, scratches or broken teeth from the outside in. All the wounds took place from the inside out.

    So Ms Clarkston would have had to voluntarily have opened her mouth and let Phil stick the gun in. Nobody would have done that. This kind of injury is ALWAYS due to suicide. The defense should have demanded that the prosecution produce at least on autopsy out the 100,000 or so discussed in testimony that showed a homicide from this kind of injury. They would not have been able to.

    If anything is reasonable doubt this should be it. There is no autopsy of a case like this ever. And of course I am not even mentioning the fact that Phil had a white jacket on that was free of blood spatter. He could not have fired the killing shot at close range. Ms Clarkston fired that shot; Phil did not.

    Phil had bad luck. He had a nasty judge, an ambitious prosecutor, and a weak defense team that could not see the forest for the trees. But the biggest problem was that nobody could feel sorry for Phil Specter. He was just too weird. And weird people need to be locked up, right?

    And for all those reasons an innocent man sits rotting in prison. We love you Phil and we love your music.

  • Bread Sandwich

    Phil also said Lana had broken off a fake fingernail from pulling the trigger. Whatever happened to that? He also had no blood on that stark white jacket, what the heck. I don’t think he did it. They surely convicted him for the psychological rush obtained from convicting a famous person. He was tried for being weird, not for murder. Knee jerk reaction says he did it, I’ll give you that, but the evidence is otherwise. What a shame.