Pippa Middleton Working As Contributing Editor For Vanity Fair, Denies Wedding Rumors

Pippa Middleton Working As Contributing Editor For Vanity Fair, Denies Wedding Rumors 0606

Vanity Fair must have been really impressed with Pippa Middleton’s columns in that English supermarket chain… or it’s still really impressed she’s related to Kate Middleton because she’s now a contributing editor. Pippa Middleton made her writing debut this month and she dished on those pesky wedding rumors, growing up Middleton and, perhaps her favorite subject of all, tennis.

That’s why I have no problem with this partnership. It’s not like Vanity Fair hasn’t had socialites who know how to spell write for it before. And who better to give tips on Wimbledon? I don’t care what Pippa has to say about the government or environment and certainly not fashion, party planning or cooking but I’ll perk up when she mentions tennis. We share this passion and she clearly knows her stuff. It’s one of my goals to watch a championship match at the All-England Club so if Pippa wants to advise me on what to bring that day then I’ll give her a chance.

But it just couldn’t be all tennis for Vanity Fair. Pippa Middleton was probably under a little pressure to mention her sister at least once – and she did. She mentioned how she and Kate used to wait in line for tickets together but how that’s a thing of the past. Oh yes, marrying up certainly has its advantages! And she couldn’t help herself from touching on those pesky wedding rumors. She and Nico Jackson have been pretty hot and steady leading many to believe an engagement was on the way but she nixed the whole idea – for now saying, “no white dresses this summer, apart from at my local tennis club.”

Oh Pippa! She’s a crafty one she is.

Does Pippa working for Vanity Fair bother anyone? I’m sure there will be a lot of opinions out there but it’s not like she’s doing something every month, is it? The magazine’s using her and she’s using the mag. Go on and get yours Pippa! Still… anyone have any idea about PXM Enterprises yet? I’m dying to know what her little business venture will be….



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