Pippa Middleton Forced To Work For Supermarket Chain – Should She Be Furious?

Pippa Middleton Forced To Work For Supermarket Chain - Should She Be Furious? 0226

Poor Princess Pippa. How the mighty have fallen. We can try to stay positive. On the one hand, at least she’s got a job. However, writing for a supermarket chain’s in-house magazine is a long way down from scoring a 3-book publishing deal even if the supermarket is the ultra posh Waitrose.

You’ve got to hand it to her though. Pippa Middleton is determined to have a J-O-B. Why else would she agree to the deal to write the column, Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts? The palace screwed her additional book deals when it put the stop on her publicity promotions and The Royalist reports that they banned her from taking that royal correspondent job for NBC. Tom Sykes makes it sound like she was considering that option when I sort of laughed it off at the time… interesting. So what the hell is she supposed to do? Can she really go back to writing the Party Pieces newsletter for mom and dad full-time? Actually, this Waitrose gig is the first thing she’s done that she’s actually qualified for. Writing a column should have been her first step before she jumped into party planning books. Maybe then people wouldn’t have been so uppity about the whole thing.

But what a difference a year makes, right? She was on top of the world last year with offers and expectations but then Kate Middleton had to flash her cooter with Prince William and ruin everything. Kate redeemed herself by getting knocked up but that baby hasn’t managed to save Pippa’s career just yet. I have a feeling that baby is going to be a magical baby though so maybe we should just give it time.

What do you make of the Pippa Middleton/Waitrose deal? Is it smart business or a tad pathetic? Does it at least show you she’s got some character? Some people on mommy and daddy’s payroll might quit when the times get tough. Does Pippa seem like a quitter to you?


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