Pippa Middleton And Kate Middleton’s Dog More Fascinating Than Boring Kate Middleton?

Pippa Middleton And Kate Middleton's Dog More Fascinating Than Boring Kate Middleton? 0130

Pippa Middleton finally got that break she’s been waiting for. After an all around shit year full of horrible book sales, break-ups and constant embarrassing criticisms, the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby sister finally came out on top. Well, actually she was No. 2 but at least she wasn’t No. 2 to Kate Middleton this time.

Pippa was ranked second in Tatler’s 50 Most Fascinating People in the Country list. She’s actually the highest “royal” beating out Queen Elizabeth who came in 4th and Prince Harry who ended up in 6th. But where’s our Kate, you ask? How could she not be No. 1? Because people, even with that baby bump, watching her is as exciting as watching paint dry! Still, she managed to eke out Lupo the dog and came in 7th. Kate Middleton’s dog finished with a respectable last place.

So what does this list mean? Probably nothing other than the fact that Pippa still sells so maybe her life isn’t as bleak as she thinks right now. Yes, her writing career might be down the toilet. Yes, her sister will now and forever be the center of attention. Yes, her fashion sense royally sucks but there’s just something about Princess Pippa. Maybe that woman of mystery thing has worked to her benefit.

It also means Pippa shouldn’t stop now. Keep screwing up! Keep trying to make something happen! What the hell else are you going to do with yourself? Marry a duke? That’s so BORING and so PREDICTABLE. Come on Pips, be the Lee Radziwill of your generation. Get a few failed marriages under your belt, try on a couple careers you have no business trying (check plus on this one already) and make friends with the new Truman Capote and act as a muse. That’s what second sisters can do and do beautifully. Or you can keep trying to get the blue bloods to accept you. That’s fine too but doesn’t sound nearly as much fun.

Are you shocked Pippa Middleton is considered more fascinating than boring Kate Middleton? Is there still life in the old dog yet or will her need to be accepted always hold her back?


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