Pippa Middleton Kisses Her Commoner In Public For First Time, Could Wedding Bells Be Next?

Pippa Middleton Kisses Her Commoner In Public For First Time, Could Wedding Bells Be Next? 0312

I know. I know. The title question is a little premature but just think of the history. Kate Middleton and Prince William made their romantic debut on the ski slopes and got caught kissing for the cameras. Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas just did the same. I don’t know what it is about skiing but it brings out the romantic natures in these blue bloods. Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson are anything but blue bloods but you get the point. A statement has been made and I haven’t seen Princess Pippa this happy in a long time.

You can check out the pics here. The couple are in St. Moritz, Switzerland where they completed a grueling cross country ski challenge. Nico’s parents run a ski shop so this truly is a match made in heaven. She looks smitten, right? She’s in deep smit and it’s kinda cute. She obviously doesn’t care if her parents don’t approve. But this is the honeymoon period. Over the past month they’ve gone on a Middleton family Mystique vacation and now this ski vacation. Who wouldn’t be in love with that schedule? Regardless, this is looking good. This public display of affection is surprising for a Middleton which means Pippa must be head over heels. You don’t kiss in front of cameras unless you are looking for attention or you just don’t care. Could wedding bells be next? It’s not like Pippa doesn’t want it. Kate had her wedding and now she’s loaded with baby love. I’m sure Pippa wouldn’t mind some of that as well.

So, Nico’s met the parents and now they’ve gone public. What else could it be if not love? That royal heir might be getting another common relative! But it’s not a total bust. As much as these people ski, having Nico and his parents in the picture is probably a good thing. It will come in much handier than party pieces!

What else could the Pippa Middleton kisses mean? Does she just fall in love too fast or could Nico be the one?


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