Prince Harry Calls Prince William Old and Implies Kate Middleton Is Fat – London Marathon Scandal!

Harry & Will

My poor ginger prince. His own family lives to tear him down only to prop up his brother. This time Harry didn’t even do anything wrong. Today at the London Marathon, Prince Harry had made the joke about his brother being too old to race this year. Nothing bad just some brotherly diss and yet Clarence House (his dad) had to race to clarify it as a joke. We know it was a joke. What William did to Harry all of last Fall was what needed to be clarified.

It all came about when a volunteer asked him about how he challenged his brother to run this year and Harry replied “I know, but what can you do? She’s pregnant and he’s getting old. It’s impossible.” You see not so bad just a little naughty. While on the other hand after Harry’s escapade in Vegas, Will kept cracking jokes… for months.

In October, “I feel tempted to cry ‘God for Harry, England and St George’, but I really don’t want to lower the tone by bringing my brother into it.

In November, “Harry and I went to Trinity. I have to say it’s the closest Harry ever went to University”

Let’s get something straight Harry has always been the naughty one but if his own brother is allowed to return ammunition then, Dad, don’t get involved.   These two have always joked around and if sometimes it gets a little bit shady, then that’s just normal brotherly behavior. What’s the problem? Harry’s not supposed to joke about the future parents but Will may joke about a deployed soldier.

Prince Harry Calls Prince William Old and Implies Kate Middleton Is Fat - London Marathon Scandal!

What the senior royals should be doing is telling Will to make up his mind already and commit to something. Is he leaving the RAF or will he be a full time royal? The last time they gave him this much space, it was nearly ten years before he married Kate. In the meantime they need stop shutting down Harry. He’s the People’s Prince!

More people come out to see Harry then they do with Will and Kate combined. Harry is what interests people while Will is constantly called “dull”. Stop beating down ginger, he’s the only one with flavor in that bland pot. 

Prince Harry Calls Prince William Old and Implies Kate Middleton Is Fat - London Marathon Scandal!

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  • John Ladd

    She’s not FAT she is PHAT!

  • Ali gc

    Harry is the best suited to be King, he is engaging with people. he is fully committed like the Queen, he works hard, Harry is taking on lady Diana’s charities, he has traveled to poor countries in Africa to raise awareness, he is a great embassador

  • Ali gc

    you can see Harry has a real motivation to help the less privileged people, not like Kate, she just acts pretending to do some charity work, when she never cared before the wedding, to busy shopping and grooming herself while waiting for Prince William, Kate has been obliged to do some charity work, otherwise she would do nothing, pathetic woman

  • Ali gc

    When William was with Harry used to be really engaging, doing thing for the less privileged people, but lazy Kate’s influence, has changed William to the worse, she is a self-centre, attention seeker, only worried about her looks, wherever she goes is fully make-up, with this fake posh accent, we know she doesn’t have a royal background but she pretends she was part of their circle copying her accent, she never talked like that years before

  • Gianmarco Sabato