Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Name Revealed: George Alexander Louis!


Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s baby has just received a name — and it has a really nice ring to it, we think! The prince and princess have named their baby boy George Alexander Louis. Clarence House revealed his official title on Wednesday: George Alexander Louis, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Wow, I honestly wasn’t expecting a name to be released so fast, but it seems as if they had a name in the works for a while and just decided to release it today.

Six kings in the past have harbored the title of George. I think it’s refreshing that Kate and William chose to stick to tradition while also promising to observe a modern upbringing for the lil’ royal.

According to the National PostThe announcement raises speculation that if he were to become king the new prince would choose the name George VII, but there is no guarantee that as monarch he would use his first name. His great-great-grandfather, George VI, was christened Albert Frederick Arthur George and used his fourth name when he came to the throne.

The couple supposedly had a quiet night last night, and they’re making it their top priority to form that special bond with their newborn — as well as probably thinking about every possible way to shield him from the crazy media interest.

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