Queen Elizabeth Forces Kate Middleton to Have a Palace Home Birth

Queen Elizabeth Forces Kate Middleton to Have a Palace Home Birth

It sounds like a really neat idea to marry royalty, until you actually start paying attention to all of those little details and traditions! Would you believe that Queen Elizabeth is fully expecting Kate Middleton to deliver her heir apparent in a traditional home birth at the palace?  I realize that some women opt to try a home delivery (nope, I wasn’t one of them!) but can you imagine having a royal tradition being insisted upon?  As if there isn’t enough overwhelming pressure on a first time mom-to-be!

Let’s face it, pregnancy is always nerve wracking and the first time around a mother has no clue what normal really is so if anything they usually are overly cautious. I can’t imagine Kate blindly agreeing to this tradition. She and Prince William can also use as leverage the fact that his mother, Princess Diana chose a hospital birth for both of her sons. If Diana could successfully buck this tradition in the name of health and safety, I’m sure Kate can do the same- and probably will!

Kate and William have already opted not to follow royal protocol on several occasions- most recently by celebrating on Christmas with her family rather than at the Queen’s Sandringham dinner. I think that when it comes to their baby they’ll risk nothing, especially after the pregnancy has had such a rocky start. Kate has no doubt been under close doctor’s watch and will stay that way.

Will Kate have a home delivery or is this going to be one of those royal traditions that she puts her own spin on? She is proving to be a very modern Duchess that quite clearly takes all sides into account, but then does what she and her husband agree is best. I’m betting she’ll follow in Diana’s footsteps and have her baby at a London hospital- with beefed up security of course!

Where do you think Kate will deliver? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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