Rapper Uncle Murda Threatens Suge Knight’s MURDER – For Publicity? (VIDEO)

Rapper Uncle Murda Threatens Suge Knight's MURDER -  For Publicity? (VIDEO)

Someone had been stirring up drama.  In his efforts to pull in street cred, rapper Uncle Murda has targeted the infamous Marion “Suge” Knight in his new song “Do Somethin”. The song is reportedly about avenging the death of The Notorious B.I.G. A man greatly respected and remembered. But it’s been over 16 years since the murders that ended the East Coast/West Coast Violence. Why bring all of this up now?

After the shooting, everyone expected retaliation. That’s why both Tupac’s and Biggie’s mother had come together to publicly put an end to the feud. Biggie’s mother also believed in Suge’s involvement however she refused to partake in any escalation then and I doubt she’ll suddenly believe in it now. Who does this rapper think he is? We’ve all moved on from this shit.

Now rappers are just throwing glass instead of an all-out shooting.  To reawaken this will just bring nothing but trouble. Then again this rapper is used to being in feuds. Back in 2008, he was feuding with rapper Papoose. The feud mysteriously ended 4 months after Uncle Murda was shot in the head. So we at least know this man can back down but will he?

It’s quite a coincidence that the rapper is now threatening a man when it was only two months ago that an arrest warrant was issued for Suge. What UM should have remembered is that the cops haven’t gotten him yet; Suge is still at large.

Now it’s too late. Suge was dissed and life threatened several hours before his 48th birthday. To let it slide would only make him look weak. To engage; would only serve to remind people about the producer that made others drink urine. This is the man he threatened… and it wasn’t for Biggie, it was for publicity. He only just got resigned and he thought this will make him relevant again? Who knows, maybe getting shot again will make him do another reconciliation.

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